Former Polisario Member Ould Souilem Be Potentially Morocco’s Ambassador to AU

Rabat – Morocco’s former ambassador to Spain, and one of the founders of the self-proclaimed Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) in 1976, Ahmedou Ould Souilem, could be appointed as theHead of the Permanent Mission of Morocco to the African Union (AU), reported Akhbar AlYaoum on Saturday.Following its re-admission to the pan-African organization as a full-fledged member, after a 33 year-long absence, Morocco will have to send a permanent delegation consisting of experts and diplomats to Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa.Based on a well-informed source, Akhbar AlYaoum reported that Ould Souilem could be appointed to be Morocco’s ambassador to the AU. The source added that there are also African experts and professors nominated for the position. The Choice of Ould SouilemAkhbar AlYaoum reported that the potential appointment of Ould Souilem is justified for multiple reasons.Born in 1951 in Dakhla, Ould Souilem from the Oulad Delim tribe. Before returning from Tindouf to settle in Morocco in 2009, the Sahrawi-born leader held several of SADR’s diplomatic positions. Ould Souilem was the representative  of the Polisario Front in several African countries, such as Angola and Guinea-Bissau. He was also Polisario’ Ambassador to Panama.Upon his return to his homeland, which coincided with Morocco’s celebration of the 10thanniversary of the accession of King Mohammed VI to the throne of his ancestors, Ould Souilem was received by King Mohammed VI. One year later, the King appointed Ould Souilem Rabat‘s ambassador to Madrid. read more