Football playoffs: Los Molinos travels to Bieber; Red Bluff, Corning on the road

first_imgPalo Cedro >> The Red Bluff Spartans last battled Foothill to a narrow 32-30 loss more than two months ago in Palo Cedro. On Friday, Red Bluff and Foothill will meet again in the quarterfinals of the Northern Section Division II playoffs in Palo Cedro. The Spartans (4-6), seeded fifth, will look to repeat a solid night offensively after accruing 345 yards of total offense the first time around against the Cougars (5-5). Quarterback Marshal Brose completed 9 of 21 passes for 214 yards and …last_img read more

Ten years ago, when Curry was a rookie, the Warriors were an equally injured mess

first_imgClick here if you’re unable to view the photo gallery on your mobile device.NEW ORLEANS — As Stephen Curry addressed the media with an amalgamation of bandages and braces around his hand, he recalled his rookie season, when he led an injury-plagued, 26-win Warriors team in minutes.“I think it’s the best thing in the world for a young player to come in and get the opportunity to just play every single night,” Curry said. “You learn so much through these experiences. Especially when I was a …last_img read more

Scott Metzger, Oct. 9

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest We are probably down to 250 or 300 acres of first crop beans left. We have been rolling along pretty well. I am little disappointed in bean yields. I thought we’d be in the mid-60s but it looks like 56 or 58 will catch our average. With how the beans looked and the weather we had, I thought they’d be better. There were two critical times that hurt our beans. We got 3.5 or 4 inches of rain right at the end of June and a lot of the beans were yellow and I think a rain around the third week of August would have really made a difference as well.If you go north of here there are upper 70s and low 80s there. The beans are very small for us. Almost like BBs, but what we have hauled in has had decent test weight. It seemed like they were all four feet tall.I think our Plenish beans averaged 57 or 58 and they tested very well for the protein and other numbers. They graded out better than they did last year.We did do a fungicide plot this year and the check strip with no fungicide was actually a bushel better. We have had mixed results on spraying fungicide on beans and with corn we have seen a more consistent increase. There was not much disease in those beans.We are actually about done with planting wheat. I think we have maybe 70 acres to go. We got anywhere from 2.8 up to 3.2 inches over the weekend. There was no water standing anywhere as dry as it was and it will be ideal for the wheat that was just planted.We’ve had a good harvest season so far.last_img read more

The Barriers Remaining Are Internal

first_imgFor most of history, there were enormous external barriers to a person’s ability to do what they were most passionate about, and to follow where their heart and dreams would take them.In the old days if you wanted to publish your thoughts and ideas, you needed a publisher who would hire you and help you with access to an audience. Now you can write and distribute without a book publisher, or without a job writing for a newspaper, magazine, or journal.There are no more external barriers for writers when it comes to publishing.If you wanted to make music, you used to need a record company to pay for your recording and to distribute your work.Barriers? Gone.If you wanted to make a television show, to comment on the day’s events on video, or to entertain others, you needed all sorts of things, like agents, casting people, producers, directors, writers. Television and movies were a real insider’s game. There used to be enormous barriers to entry.Now? Very little. Talent is worth more than cameras.Regardless of what kind of endeavor you want to pursue, including starting a business, at no time in history has it ever been easier to chase your dream. The external barriers are all gone.But there are still a few remaining barriers left to conquer.The Inner Critic That Is Fear and DoubtInside each of us lives an inner critic. This little voice that only you can hear is often a holy terror. It stirs up fear and doubt, creating the internal barriers that are the only real obstacles to you pursuing your dream.The little voice drives your fears with an unrelenting barrage of negativity: “You will suffer an embarrassing failure,” and “You’re not good enough,” or “People will think this is a joke!” It causes you to doubt yourself.You have to shut down your inner critic by taking action in spite of your fear. Taking action builds momentum and builds the small victories and the progress that eventually silences the inner critic.Taking massive action is like kryptonite to your inner critic; it’ll put him down for the count. But then there is this . . .Apathy: Hitting the Snooze Button on Your LifeThere is always tomorrow. Until one day, there isn’t.Your apathy—and its progeny, procrastination—are internal barriers that do even more to prevent your success than any of the external barriers of days gone by.You were going to write today, but you had writer’s block. You were going to record today, but you decided to watch some television instead. You have this great business idea, and as soon as you find time you are going to change the world.This is hitting the snooze button on your life.The same as with your fears and doubts, you have to overcome the internal barrier that is your apathy by relentlessly taking action. Your dreams and your vision are too important to wait, and the clock relentlessly ticks away, sparing nothing and no one (not even the best of ideas or the best of intentions).Stop hitting the snooze button. You don’t want to sleep through this. Wake up early, stay up late, and make it count.There has never been an easier time with fewer external obstacles to your dream. What are you doing to overcome the internal barriers? Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Nowlast_img read more

India secrets: Sikkim

first_imgNetuk houseIdeal for those who want to experience the posh of the past, this aristocratic homestay will give travellers a taste of local life with the added comfort of luxury. Decorated in local style with bright cheery interiors and local Sikkimese textiles, the house is a charming old-fashioned retreat. The family-run ‘hotel’ offers local hospitality along with lovely local spreads for discerning foodies. Festooned with Buddhist prayer flags and a warm and friendly vibe, Netuk House comes with an added charm: expect enriching evenings listening to local lore over many cups of chai. There are also gorgeous uninterrupted views of the snowclad mountains. Tibet Road, Gangtok; Tel: (03592) 222 374Pastanga villageTo get the real local feel, you must experience living with  a Sikkimese family in a typical village. Stop by Pastanga village, in Assam Lingzay just outside Gangtok, a truly beautiful spot right in the lap of nature. This little village is flush in rhododendron and magnolia flowers and a wide variety of bamboo species. It is truly a fascinating destination for nature lovers as it provides spectacular walks and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Pastanga is also the starting point for the exciting Khedi trek, rich in biodiversity, popular with adventure enthusiasts. You can enjoy local traditions, dances and music during your stay here. There are nearly ten government approved homestays which are all very reasonable and accessible. 28 km from Gangtok; www.keeppastangasikkim.orgThe teen jhurey trek Starting from a place called Golitar, this is a wonderful nature trek for all those who seek adventure. The richly forested area is known to be the home for various species of wild animals and birds. For those who like the peaceful sport of angling, the hike to River Bhusak is perfect. This is a one day hike but the scenery and the fish at the end of the line are worth the journey. The hike starts from Syari, four km from Gangtok. One can get equipment on hire from local travel agents and you take a local guide along.  25 km from GangtokLocal pickles Sikkim has three major communities–the Lepchas, the Bhutias and the Nepalese–and each of them contribute to the state’s varied cuisine and culture. Apart from the regular momos and thukpas, available at nearly every corner store and restaurant, the foodie should not return from Sikkim without trying some of the local pickles. A must try is sidra ko achar, a pickle made out of a small dried fish called sidra and eaten with rice and dal. For vegetarians, there is the exotic chhurpi ko achar. Chhurpi is a local fermented cottage cheese and is widely used in Sikkimese cuisine; the pickle in mustard oil and spices is quite a tasty accompaniment with plain rice. There is also mesu or fermented bamboo shoot pickle, shimi ko achar or the string bean pickle and the extremely delicious hot dalle and bamboo shoot pickle.  Pick up a bottle at Gupta Tea House or Rainbow, on  M.G. Marg. Also check Sikkim Supreme Factory near SingtamLess known brewsA butter salt tea churned inside a bamboo container is  a popular drink that helps keeping you warm, and thus is consumed in large quantities in the winter. While chaang or the local beer is the most popular drink, other variants of it are also worth a try. These include simal tarul ko jaanr, which is a fermented cassava root alcoholic drink and raksi, a clear rice wine with a strong aroma. Homemade rhododendron and ginger wine can be found in local villages. Kanchan berry juice, a recent favourite, is also rather delicious and comes with medicinal values. A local homestay would be the best place to find these unusual brewsGonjang monasteryEstablished in the year 1981, this monastery, one of the less known in the state, belongs to Nyingmapa School of Tibetan Buddhism. Located on the outskirts of the city, the peaceful environment and the prayer chants make it a destination worth a visit, especially it is fairly free of crowds. One can also admire the beauty of the town from here. A host of annual events and festivities add colour to the calm. www.gonjangmonastery.orgGreen foodWhile in this lush green state you will be surrounded by  a mindboggling variety of plants and vegetation that will immediately serve to soothe city-jangled nerves. And while all of them are beautiful, some of them even taste good. Locals have learnt how to use many of the local leaves and ferns in their cooking and have turned them into great delicacies. Try the popular nettle soup or sisnu, prepared out of the local edible varieties of nettle which is served with steamed rice. Wild edible fern or ningro is another leafy treat that is usually mixed with cottage cheese and turned into a delicious curry. Another leafy delicacy is gundruk, the fermented and preserved leaves of radish, mustard and cauliflower. These are soaked in water and cooked before consumption and form an excellent side dish with meat, fish and vegetable dishes. These dishes will be available at homes and homestays rather than restaurants–act like a local and ask for them and enjoy the surprised smiles. And the food. If you stay at a homestay, you will have the best option to try local food. Otherwise ask a your hotel for the best option. Still waters performanceWhat’s a hill holiday without the strums of  a guitar? This folk-rock band from Gangtok with a repertoire of punchy originals in English and Nepali is unmissable. To catch  a gig, check out the schedule at the lovely bohemian pub called Little Italy in Deorali, or Cafe Live and Loud on Tibet Road, another popular hangout for music lovers. You can check the local paper for listings of their shows.Stitch a bakuThe lovely brocade dresses that the local women wear come in a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics. Pick up your desired fabric and take it to Lhasa Tailors or Classic Tailor to get an outfit tailored to your or your partner’s size and specifications. For a great range of designer bakus and honjus, a traditional Tibetan outfit, make your way to Gaari Designs.  Lhasa is near Old Children’s Park; Classic is on M.G. Marg; log on to www.gaaridesigns.comHouse of bambooThis small restaurant tucked away on a quite lane is known for its food and warm ambience. Tibetan delicacies, spicy Chinese fare and a variety of momos, all at a very reasonable price, make this a great option. Definitely try their lip-smacking beef chilli and gyathuk, special noodles cooked with vegetarian or non-vegetarian soup. Their rice preparation with pork is also quite delicious and everything is between the astounding price range of Rs. 40 and Rs. 180. On Nam Nang Road.advertisementadvertisementGangtok: Lily Tshering BhutiaAn avid trekker, Lily is director of a specialised travel company that organises high altitude treks. She lives in Gangtok but feels most at home in the great outdoors, especially the rhododendron forests in her home state. Lily is also a foodie and her two loves can be seen here!Outside Gangtok: Trek to RachelaThis trekking route is an absolute paradise for nature  lovers, with a wonderful array of flora and fauna all along the way. Starting from a place called ‘Hathicheray’, which translates to ‘elephant pass’, you walk for about three and a half hours, after which you reach a place called Mulkharga Lake. This is a great place to set up an overnight base camp with lush greenery all around and a truly breathtaking view as the day breaks. Next morning, continue the trek towards Ramitey Dara. The trek takes approximately two and half hours and passes through stretches of evergreen forest and rocky terrain dotted with caves. The landscape keeps changing and the route meanders through dense bamboo forest and startling pink rhododendron trees. This trek is also fantastic for the variety of birds that one can see along the way. This part of the trek takes most part of the day and will culminate at the gorgeous Rachela Pass. The area is dominated by the Lepchas and one can see their traditional houses along the way. The campsite has a small pond and an old forest reserve bungalow. After a night’s rest, you can trek up two kilometres to the actual pass and enjoy the magnificent view. Rachela is on the border of Sikkim and Bhutan and thus a fairly sensitive and restricted area. While there are tour operators who might bring you up here illegally, please take care to take prior permissions from the forest and tourism departments; Tel: (03592) 221 634; www.sikkimtourism.travelMust do: SikkimStay: Homestay in kewzingImmerse yourself in local culture at Kewzing, a timeless Bhutia village that rests against a backdrop of magnificent mountains. This is the place to stay if you want a first-hand experience of Sikkimese rural life. The rooms are simple but clean and cosy, and the meals, served in the family kitchen, are tasty and wholesome. Activities include birdwatching, excursions to the monasteries dotting the rambling countryside and even working in the fields with the villagers!Kewzing Homestays; Tel: (044) 3988 1000;  www.mahindrahomestays.comEat: MomosIf you are the sort who ventures into Sikkim House in Delhi or momo joints all over north India’s hillstations, then Sikkim is your heaven. Every nook and corner will serve big juicy dumplings filled with the meat of your choice (a number of them). Happy feasting on perfect, thin, meaty momos. In Gangtok, a good place to try is M.G. Market.Shop: Thangka scrollsDepicting Buddhist themes and symbols as well as other religious iconography, thangkas are canvas scrolls that are often framed with silk. Genuine thangkas are made with only vegetable or mineral dyes, and each colour has its own significance; white stands for peace, while gold represents enlightenment. While only Buddhist monks once created thangkas, they are now available in most handicrafts stores. Try the small shop near Rumtek Monastery, about 24 km from GangtokSee: PellingYour usual lazy hillstation filled with friendly people, this is where you can get great views of the mighty Khangchendzonga. Brave the walk to Pemayangtse, about three km from Upper Pelling, for the famous Pemayangtse Monastery, one of Sikkim’s holiest. 120 km from Gangtok.advertisementlast_img read more

2014 NYC and SOO live stream schedule – Saturday

first_imgSaturday will be the biggest day of Touch Football yet at the Sunshine Coast Stadium, with day four of the 2014 National Youth Championships and day two of the 2014 State of Origin Series, and you can watch plenty of it live! Please find below the links for the live stream games on the Touch Football Australia YouTube channel for Saturday.Please note, the link for the Open’s games by production company, Power Productions is below as well, starting from 9.30am and again at 3.00pm. 8.00am – Women’s 20’s game two 8.55am – Men’s 20’s game two 2014 State of Origin Series game two – Open’s broadcast (from 9.30am) – 12.35pm – NYC 18’s Girls grand final 1.30pm – NYC 18’s Boys grand final 2.25pm – State of Origin Men’s 20’s game three 2014 State of Origin Series game three – Open’s broadcast (from 3.00pm) –  There are plenty of ways to keep up-to-date with all of the latest results, news and information from the 2014 State of Origin.The Touch Football Australia and State of Origin websites will be updated regularly throughout the event with all of the latest information and can be found by clicking on the links of Touch Football Australia’s social media pages will be regularly updated throughout the SOO and NYC events, so be sure to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us by clicking on the links below.Facebook – – (be sure to use the hashtag #soo2014)Instagram – (be sure to use the hashtag #soo2014)Related LinksNYC/SOO Live Streaminglast_img read more

Here’s How To Watch Notre Dame vs. Northeastern Online

first_imgFlickr/Glenn~Flickr/Glenn~The second round of the 2015 NCAA Tournament tips off Thursday, and the first game of the day will be between No. 3 seed Notre Dame and No. 14 seed Northeastern. The Irish and Huskies tip off at 12:15 PM EST in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The winner takes on the winner of Butler vs. Texas in the next round. You can read more about the contest here.If you’re wondering whether you can watch the contest online, fear not. The NCAA is making every game available this year. Below, you can find the link for Notre Dame vs. Northeastern.Watch Notre Dame vs. Northeastern OnlineWill it be the Irish or the Huskies moving on? We’ll find out soon enough.last_img read more

Four clear visions for Quebec as 39day election campaign begins

first_imgMONTREAL – Quebec’s four main political parties offered voters distinct visions on the first day of the election campaign Thursday as leaders began criss-crossing the province in their drive to emerge victorious Oct. 1.The incumbent Liberals said they guarantee stability and warned Quebecers against choosing another party when they head to the polls.Doing so would compromise four years of sacrifice and hard work that helped bring about the strong economic growth the province is enjoying, said Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard.He boasted of the “perfect” AAA rating a Chinese credit agency recently gave Quebec, representing the first time the province has received such a score in decades.“If you read the comments in that report, the agency said the growth is largely due to budgetary decisions of the government,” he said.But Couillard’s opponents were eager to attack decisions that reduced the budgets of the health and education departments in the early years of the Liberal mandate.Francois Legault, leader of the Coalition Avenir Quebec, the party that has led the polls for months, started his first official campaign speech targeting Couillard’s cuts.“I will never forgive (Couillard) for taking the worst decision to cut in services for kids with learning difficulties,” Legault said. “It’s inexcusable. Do Quebecers want to keep in power a man who is willing to sacrifice the future our of kids?”Despite labour shortages and record-low unemployment across the province, as well as budget surpluses and rising salaries, Legault said Quebec “can do better.”The Coalition is offering Quebecers a nationalist government that would demand more powers from Ottawa on issues such as immigration and language.Legault’s party is also offering voters a federalist alternative to the Liberals and a nationalist alternative to the Parti Quebecois.He said he wants to reinvest in education and in other services as well as cut taxes for Quebecers, positions his opponents say are not financially feasible.PQ Leader Jean-Francois Lisee, whose party is trailing a distant third in the same polls that have the Coalition in first, also took aim at the Couillard government’s budget decisions.“They created human misery and that was documented every year,” Lisee said in his opening speech.The PQ is offering Quebecers a strong central government that “takes care of its citizens.”Taxes will remain where they are, Lisee said, in order to fund more social services, including subsidized lunches for elementary students across Quebec.“We have to turn the page on 15 years of Liberal reign,” said Lisee, seemingly forgetting the 19 months his party was in power from 2012 to 2014.“The Liberals act as though there have been no cuts. Nobody believes them. The Caquistes (the Coalition) act as though they can cut taxes without cutting services. Nobody should believe them. If you hated Liberal austerity, you are going to hate Caquiste austerity.”Later on Thursday, it was Quebec solidaire’s turn at the mic on Day 1.With only three seats in the legislature, the party is hoping to steal some ridings from the PQ on the island of Montreal as well as make a breakthrough in other parts of the province.The left-wing sovereigntist party is promising subsidized dental care for all, 50 per cent off public transit fares and fully subsidized education from elementary school to university.“After 40 years of alternating between the old parties, Quebecers are ready for something new, and new is here,” said Manon Masse, one of two “spokespeople” for the party, which does not have any “leaders.”The 39-day campaign is the longest possible under Quebec electoral law and Liberal strategists have said privately it means more time to put the Coalition under the microscope.Couillard has said the extra days were necessary because of the Labour Day weekend and the time needed to prepare for three debates.“We’ll have more time to speak to Quebecers,” he reiterated Thursday.At dissolution, the Liberals held 68 seats, the PQ 28, the Coalition 21 and Quebec solidaire three.There were also five Independents in the 125-seat national assembly.last_img read more

Trans Mountain fight will be bigger than Clayoquot Sound says environmentalist

first_img(Back in the 1990s, logging in Clayoquot Sound launched massive protests with nearly a thousand people arrested. Photo courtesy: The Wilderness Committee)The Canadian PressVANCOUVER – Outrage over the federal government’s announcement about buying the Trans Mountain pipeline to ensure it gets built could fuel protests bigger than those over logging in Clayoquot Sound, says a prominent environmentalist who was at the forefront of British Columbia’s so-called War in the Woods in the 1990s.Tzeporah Berman was cleared of aiding and abetting protesters at the Clayoquot blockade and is now an adjunct professor of environmental studies at York University in Toronto.Canadians are angry the government is shelling out $4.5 billion to purchase the Trans Mountain pipeline rather than investing in clean energy after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s climate-change promises during the 2015 election and his later commitment to the Paris climate accord, she said.“My experience is that people are motivated by betrayal, they’re motivated by a lack of fairness, they’re motivated by a sense of shared common purpose and outrage,” said Berman.“In this case, we have all of that.”Berman said the Liberal government “made a very big mistake” by backing Kinder Morgan’s project and alienating voters to create “a perfect storm” that would prompt people to take action.“I think a lot of us who knocked on doors for the Trudeau government really believed them when they said they were going to bring evidence-based analysis and science and democratic process back to pipeline reviews.”Berman is a director of, one of the groups that organized an anti-pipeline protest in Vancouver on Tuesday after Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced the government’s plans for the pipeline between Edmonton and Burnaby, B.C.Another protest is planned in Victoria on Thursday.“My expectation is that the outrage is going to grow and we’re not just going it see it here in British Columbia but we’re going to see it nationally and internationally,” she said, adding social media makes it possible for activists to connect in ways that didn’t exist at the height of anti-logging protests in 1993.“We didn’t have email, we didn’t have cell phones. It was a remote location that took most people five to seven hours to get through. This is a pipeline project that runs through urban centres,” she said of Trans Mountain.Khelsilem, a Squamish Nation council member who goes by his first name, said the federal government’s decision to pursue completion of the pipeline expansion threatens Indigenous communities if there was a spill of bitumen from increased tanker traffic in B.C. waters.“Trudeau had promised during the election that he would create a new environmental process that would protect Indigenous rights and that the Kinder Morgan project would be included and sent back to be done through the new process, and on both those counts he’s failed completely,” he said.Along with multiple legal challenges involving the pipeline, the Squamish Nation and five other First Nations are involved in a Federal Court of Appeal case that targets Ottawa’s approval of the project.“The protesters and the opposition, and the civil disobedience is probably going to increase,” Khelsilem said.“Our mandate from our people is to continue to defend our rights as a people and to protect our territory, not just for us but for future generations. We’re going to continue to stand with our allies that support our Indigenous rights and change the story of Canada, that Canada is no longer a country that disregards Indigenous rights.”last_img read more

BC Transit unveils new Vicinity buses

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – B.C. Transit unveiled two new Vicinity buses that will be coming to the Energetic City Friday afternoon.The 35-foot medium duty buses made by Grande West International Ltd. will better meet the transit needs of the community they serve.“We are pleased that Fort St. John residents will benefit from the newer vehicles,” said Mayor Lori Ackerman. “We look forward to enjoying the updates and improvements to the fleet.” A bus can seat 30 passengers with room for 24 standees along with two mobility aids and are also equipped with two doors for easier access to enter or exit the bus for customers. They will feature closed-circuit cameras for improved customer safety.“The new buses will help us better connect people and communities in Fort St. John,” added BC Transit President and Chief Executive Officer, Manuel Achadinha. “Customers will see and hear a difference with the new buses as they are more effective and efficient.”Each bus will cost roughly $347,000 and will be funded by the province and the City of Fort St. John through the B.C. Transit President and Chief Executive Officer.Over 100 Vicinity buses will be arriving in communities across B.C. over the next two years.For more information about the Fort St. John transit system visit read more