“I hope this match of my debut is remembered”

first_imgI always tell the players that we have to wait for the best version of the opponent. And in these games, all teams tend to do their best. The match will be complicated for both teams, surely with alternatives and disputed. I wait for the best Naples. We have already seen what they are capable of doing in the Champions League qualifiers. They surpassed major rivals and will give us an extraordinary version of their team.-The last two years, Barça has suffered painful eliminations. Have you noticed pressure in the locker room?-the reality is that little has been said about what happened. Surely everyone has them in mind, but we have a positive dynamic. Perhaps we have lived tremendously hard matches in our League that we have overcome well. We are in a good moment and they too. I trust that we follow this dynamic.-In spite of taking many years in football, tomorrow will be his debut in Champions, do you live it differently?– There is no doubt that it is my first Champions League game, it has a special motivation. It is emotional for me to start this tour in Champions in a stadium like this one full of passion and history. A game that is going to be exciting and I hope that the game is remembered.-What do you think of Gattuso?I have received the words of Gattuso. I feel very flattered by its manifestation. For me it is a pride that this great footballer has said these words about my work. I had a good memory of the game against Betis. Fabian and Lo Celso had a splendid afternoon there. I would like the same to happen tomorrow. I appreciate those words.-Gattuso has said that his club takes six seconds to recover the ball. Can you recover faster? Quique Setién has appeared at a press conference to discuss the meeting against Naples (Tuesday, 9:00 pm), corresponding to the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League, and deal with the convulsive news of the Blaugrana club, despite the fact that the team has regained the leadership of LaLiga Santander.-What rival do you expect? -I don’t know if we recover the ball in six or eight seconds. I had not valued it. But it is an important part of our growth. Recover the ball soon and it is better that we have it instead of the rival.– Are you worried about the coronavirus issue?I am worried about the possible affected. From here I send my solidarity. This can happen to anyone.-What is your opinion of Fabian?-It is a player that I love and that this hobby has also taken. It has had spectacular growth. I am happy for him and I hope he does not put his virtues in the field. But I’m glad your growth. Not only is he a great footballer and a humble guy but he is a beautiful person.-Morning is prioritized more the center of the field or attack.-In one way or another, it will always be with the intention of seeking the rival goal. With one more tip or one less tip, we are indifferent.-How important is the result of tomorrow compared to Sunday.We can say that we are in a good moment. First we face this match because it is immediate. Get a good result here, even win the game … It does not influence. All matches are important.-What is the virtue of Naples?I give more value to the players, they are the ones who make the differences. If they are in a high moment of inspiration, they solve the things on the board. He always has a plan. It is clear that most will try to leave from behind. Then, if they connect well with that start of the game they can hurt you. They have technical and quality resources that can harm you. We have very good players that can hurt.-Messi will play in the field of Maradona. In the 80s could I do even more?-Surely. As if we put Maradona now. Leo is a great soccer player who has been fourteen or fifteen years old in all the games and that is the difference with the rest of the players that are at his level. The difference has made it that we have not seen a player with as much continuity as Messi, who after so many years has been like that. I enjoyed Maradona, with Cruyff, with huge soccer players who have attracted us to love this sport.– Who plays Lenglet or Umtiti, does it influence the opponent or his fitness?The two are in great shape. I will surely make the decision at three in the morning, but it will depend on some nuances that will always influence. The two are very similar but have different things. I have not decided and it is a commitment that I will have until the end of the seasoncenter_img Champions League* Data updated as of February 24, 2020last_img read more