Make A Sandwich With Bread From Olympia’s Great Harvest Bread Company

first_imgFacebook30Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by Great Harvest Bread CompanyAs another mild Washington summer comes to a close our minds begin to turn to chilly weather, school shopping, and holiday gatherings. How to get warm, what to pack the kids for lunch, and what to bring to the next round of family festivities are just a few more chores to add to our already busy schedule.Well, as the German proverb says, “Necessity seeks bread where it is to be found.” And good bread, as well as what you need this year, can always be found at your local Great Harvest Bread Co. Great Harvest is a locally owned, personable bakery dedicated to using wholesome ingredients, and supporting local businesses as well as you and your family.Great Harvest works proudly with Olympia companies such as Batdorf and Bronson, and a cup of  Dancing Goats Coffee is always brewed fresh to help you warm up and start another busy fall morning.As many of us know, mornings can be hectic come fall, especially if you have children. Getting something quick and healthy in them before they rush off to the school bus is nearly impossible. Great Harvest can help make mornings a little bit easier by providing you with healthy eating ideas like Whole Grain and Fruit Scones, Ultra Healthy Berry Bran Muffins, and All You Need bread. All are made with freshly milled whole wheat flour and packed with fruit, fiber, and protein. Starting your child off with a whole grain breakfast will help keep them alert in school and  ready to learn.For those who have family, or are themselves allergic to wheat, Great Harvest also carries a variety of gluten free options. Hearty Buckwheat, Fantastic Flax, and Cranberry Orange, are just a few of the options which are baked in a clean and gluten-free setting. They even carry a gluten-free vegan bread for those with milk or egg allergies.With so many fresh and tasty options meals are a synch; whether you are dipping cheddar garlic bread in a bowl of soup or ordering a sandwich on gluten-free buckwheat,  you can end your meal satisfied and proud that you made a healthy choice, avoiding chemical preservatives and additives.Great Harvest also grants you the pleasure of selecting a delicious hand crafted treat to impress the family come the Holidays. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread, Bacon Cheddar Beer bread, or a lovely braided Challah.So whether you are preparing yourself or your child for another day of work and learning, or preparing to create a new and wholesome family tradition, Great Harvest is there to help all of us bread winners through a new and busy school year.last_img read more