Embrace The Night With This Batman Gift Guide

first_imgStay on target Batman is arguably the most well known and popular superhero of all time. Created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson nearly 79 years ago, he’s gone on to have that most well-known sidekick, Robin, and most infamous villain, The Joker, and has been adapted in every possible entertainment medium imaginable.Since it is literally impossible for you to not have someone in your life whose a fan of The World’s Greatest Detective, we here at Geek put together this gift guide to show them and Batman how much you care!Batman Cowl T-ShirtThis unisex black t-shirt is a great minimalist nod to Batman. The character is so universally recognized that everyone is going to know exactly whose on this shirt!Black and White Batman Jon Romita Jr. StatueJohn Romita Jr. is a legendary, admired artist. Celebrate both Romita Jr. and Batman with this gorgeous addition to the Black and White statue collection.Almost Got ‘Im Card GameBased on the classic Batman: The Animated Series of the same name, this card game is a fast-paced and exciting trip for all players. All this fun for a reasonable price.Batman Engraved Decanter and Rocks GlassesThis is a gift for the classiest of Bat-fans. This gorgeous decanter and rocks glasses set will have you enjoying a fine drink with a friend or loved one in style. I don’t recommend using this set if you are in fact, Bruce Wayne.Batman Through The Years MugThere is something for every Bat-fan with this Batman Through The Years Mug! From the early days up until the contemporary, marvel at how the character has changed over the years while you enjoy your morning coffee.Batman: Year OneThis is the definitive retelling of Batman’s origin by the legendary team of Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli who also masterfully executed Daredevil: Born Again together. Anyone who wants a good introduction to the character is going to want this book!Batman Art PrintThis gorgeous art print masterfully blends the darkest aspects of Batman with the creatures that helped to mold and create him. Available in black or multicolor and from sizes 5″ x 7″ all the way to 32″ x 44″ to accommodate your decorating needs.Batman ’66: The Complete SeriesThis beloved series starring the late Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin was a smash hit that had fallen out of favor with fans for being too campy, but in recent years has been reevaluated and is getting the respect it deserves once again. You can enjoy the complete remastered series on Blu-ray containing over 50 hours of classic Batman tales!The Lego Batman MovieThis fast and funny take on Batman inside the Lego universe is a laugh riot, and Batman fans of all ages can find something to like about it. Add this to your collection now.Batman: Year 100Where at Batman: Year One shows us how it all started, Batman: Year 100 shows us a dark dystopic future where Batman is needed once again. Masterfully executed by Paul Pope, this stand-alone graphic novel is the perfect story for any Batman fan that wants to see a fresh, new take on the character. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img Apollo 11 Gift Guide: Best Moon Landing 50th Anniversary GiftsCool Gifts for Every ‘Star Wars’ Junkie last_img read more

Last Female of Rare Turtle Species Dies in China Zoo

first_img Watch: Florida Panthers Hit With Mysterious Crippling DisorderWorld’s Last Loa Water Frogs Found Malnourished, Rescued in Chile Stay on target A zoo in southern China is reporting that the only known female member of one of the world’s rarest and most endangered turtle species died Saturday. It was more than 90 years old.The female Yangtze giant softshell turtle (Rafetus swinhoei) died at the Suzhou Zoo in Suzhou, China a day after an attempt at artificial insemination, part of an effort to help save its species from extinction. The death means only three giant softshell turtles remain in the world.The city government said in a statement that experts have already used technology to collect the turtle’s ovarian tissue for future research.The world’s rarest turtle, Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle, saw one more death at Suzhou Zoo, E.China’s Jiangsu on Sat. The death of the only known female in China increases the extinction risk of the species, whose population now drops to three (1 in China, 2 in Vietnam). pic.twitter.com/aTJFCL1HGw— People’s Daily, China (@PDChina) April 14, 2019The Suzhou zoo is home to another Yangtze giant softshell turtle — a male. Two others live in Vietnam, but they are both thought to be males.According to state-run newspaper People’s Daily, the turtle had been inseminated five times since 2008. Although the last insemination was said to have gone smoothly and the turtle appeared to be in fine health after the procedure, her condition deteriorated the following day.The last female Yangtze giant softshell turtle is seen here in 2015 during an attempt at artificial insemination. (Photo Credit: VCG/VCG via Getty Images)In 2015, scientists from the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA), San Diego Zoo Global, and Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) Bronx Zoo, assisted in an attempt for artificial insemination, in what was then called a “last chance” to breed the rare turtle.The female turtle was transferred to Suzhou Zoo from Changsha Ecological Zoo in 2008 to be paired with the male, believed to be more than 100 years old, as part of a captive breeding program designed to recover the species. Although the two turtles have displayed courting behavior, eggs laid by the female were infertile.The male Yangtze giant softshell turtle at Suzhou Zoo is seen here in 2015. It is now believed to be one of only three remaining in the world. (Photo Credit: VCG/VCG via Getty Images)Listed at the top of the IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species, as critically endangered, the Yangtze giant softshell turtle is the most critically endangered turtle in the world. Much of its demise has been attributed to over-harvesting and habitat degradation.More on Geek.com:Endangered Whale Species Experience Mini Baby BoomMore Than 40 Animals Rescued From Notorious ‘Zoo of Sorrows’ in GazaRussia to Free 100 Orcas, Belugas Held in ‘Whale Jail’last_img read more