7 Sneakers Your Favorite DC Superhero Would Wear

first_imgStay on target Timberland Announces SpongeBob SquarePants CollaborationHarry Potter x Vans Collection Unveils ‘Magical’ Footwear for Fans More on Geek.com:11 Superhero Movies Still Stuck in Development Hell8 Eco-Brands Reimagining Fashion’s Future5 Comics Kickstarters You Should Backcenter_img Superheroes are inherently theatrical and stylish. Captain America doesn’t fight evil in an American flag tee from Walmart. Green Lantern’s spandex is functionally useless but it looks cool, so we don’t ask questions as to why it gets kept around. Fashion, and sneakers especially, are how humans (super or not) elevate their aesthetic. There are so many bizarre shoes from brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok that look like they’re ripped from comic books and sci-fi movies. Why not seize the opportunity to channel our love for those stories and characters through the clothes we wear?More importantly though, who would wear what? Which superheroes would be brand loyalists? Which would prefer function over fashion? Could Peter Parker even afford a nice pair of sneaks? Never fear. We’ve got the answers.Jay Garrick: Nike Kyrie 4 ‘Uncle Drew’Photo Credit: NikeAdmittedly it’s a little hard to imagine the founding father of the Flash Family getting into sneaker culture. Nonetheless, we can’t help but notice more than a few parallels between Jay and Uncle Drew, the fictional basketball player played by real-life court superstar Kyrie Irving in a series of Pepsi ads and, against all odds, a pretty fun movie. Both are a bit old to be running in their respective fields of basketball and, uh, superheroics, but neither lets it stop them. Quite contrary, actually. They wear their seniority like badges of pride and ultimately it’s their decades of experience that make them so great at what they do. As such, while Jay probably wouldn’t lean too hard into a sneakerhead habit, we think he’d dig the Nike Kyrie 4 in the colorway produced for Uncle Drew.Buy it at DicksSportingGoods.comJason Todd: Supra JagatiPhoto Credit: SupraJason Todd is the DC Universe’s trash mid-00s Hot Topic boy and this is why we love him. There’s no better way to reflect this in his sneaker choice than by sticking him in shoes from a brand popular among skate rats — high-top Supras. They’re big, gaudy, and make a statement – and that statement is that Jason Todd is trash. We love you, Jason. We promise.Buy it at SupraFootwear.comSuperman: TimberlandsPhoto Credit: TimberlandClark Kent is, at the end of the day, a farm boy. No matter how long he’s lived in Metropolis there’s always going to be a part of him that draws him back to the Kent family farm, and while he’s there he’s going to get to work doing farm stuff. Cleaning barns and plowing fields, the whole nine yards. Why splurge on a pricey pair of sneakers if they’re just going to get beat to hell as soon as you get back to the farm? Given this, we like to think Clark would kick it in a pair of classic Timberlands, the always-badass boot that looks just as good in a well-assembled fit as it does in a white tee and jeans tossing around bales of hay.But it at Timberland.comHal Jordan: Nike LeBron 16Photo Credit: NikeThere’s no member of the DC Universe that screams “LeBron stan” quite like Hal Jordan. The greatest (well, depending on who you ask) Green Lantern of them all is absolutely a LeBron die-hard whose team loyalty has changed every time James has graced a new city with his presence. Hal is also the kind of LeBron fan who cops the latest of the King’s signature shoes the day they drop. By that measure, right now he’s rocking the fresh new LeBron 16. Designed by Jason Petrie, it’s a slick, lower-cut silhouette featuring material with the coolest name possible: Nike’s Battleknit 2.0 tech. While it’s not currently available in a Green Lantern-appropriate colorway, we’re sure this is what Hal’s sporting when he’s off-duty (he can totally get his Cheetah on in the King edition, though).Buy it at Nike.comBatman: Yeezy Suede Combat BootPhoto Credit: Yeezy SupplyBeing one of the coolest superheroes of all time AND a billionaire playboy philanthropist means Bruce Wayne can wear, well, whatever sneaker he wants. He’ll be able to pull it off. If we had to narrow it down though, we’d stick him in the Yeezy Suede Combat Boot. It’s a futuristic, fashion-heavy silhouette that happens to have heavy Batman vibes. Maybe it wouldn’t be the ideal off-duty shoe for Bruce (we can’t say this one would pair too well with a suit) but it’s the perfect on-duty shoe for the Dark Knight. It’s just as great for scaling rooftops as it is for fighting your way through Gotham’s meanest.Buy it at YeezySupply.comZatanna: Air Jordan 4 Patent LeatherPhoto Credit: Stadium GoodsAny time Zatanna hits the stage it’s a black tie affair and her kicks have to reflect that. There are plenty of black and white sneakers and plenty that play off of her outfit well, but none that do so in quite so stellar a fashion as the patent leather colorway of the Air Jordan 4. It’s a sleek design that isn’t too showy – wouldn’t want to distract from the show, after all — and will look great onstage, offstage, or in a dark alternate dimension fighting crime alongside John Constantine.Buy it at StadiumGoods.comBooster Gold: Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Triple WhitePhoto Credit: Stadium GoodsYou know how Steve Rogers’ bisexuality is an unspoken truth in comics? The same applies to Booster Gold being a hypebeast. Booster Gold is the hypebeastiest superhero ever created. There’s no way that dude isn’t online at 1 in the morning trying to snag the newest Yeezy drops before they sell out a minute after going up for sale. Part of Booster’s charm is consistent inability to do much of anything right though, so we’ve got a feeling he misses the window on those kicks pretty regularly. But with the recent Yeezy Boost 350 V2 seeking to make the shoes in higher quantities than ever in an effort to make them more accessible to less-than-lucky hypebeasts, Booster would be all set in a pair of these.Buy it at StadiumGoods.comlast_img read more