USS Mobile Bay Earns 2012 Spokane Trophy

first_img USS Mobile Bay Earns 2012 Spokane Trophy Back to overview,Home naval-today USS Mobile Bay Earns 2012 Spokane Trophy View post tag: Earns View post tag: 2012 View post tag: Naval View post tag: Trophy View post tag: Bay The crew of the guided-missile cruiser USS Mobile Bay (CG 53) was awarded the prestigious 2012 Spokane Trophy during a ceremony on the ship’s flightdeck, Sept. 27.The Spokane Trophy is an annual award sponsored by the Spokane, Wash., Council of the Navy League of the United States and is presented to the Pacific Fleet’s surface ship with the highest level of operational readiness in areas ranging from coordinated air warfare, surface warfare and undersea warfare operations.“It’s my honor to present this plaque to the crew,” said retired Navy Capt. Ted McGregor, president of the Spokane Navy League. “Since we can’t bring the actual trophy, the Spokane Council developed a plaque and we are honored to recognize the crew of USS Mobile Bay this monring.”During the ceremony, McGregor spoke about colorful history of the Spokane Trophy, its beginnings as an award for excellence in naval gunnery marksmanship, and its unique ties to Theodore Roosevelt and the silver industry in the Spokane area.The award was established in 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt to recognize naval warfighting proficiency. The actual trophy, created from 400 ounces of silver and valued in excess of $4 million, was donated by the Navy League and is kept on permanent display at the Naval Surface Force headquarters building in San Diego.Mobile Bay received the award for attaining excellence in air, surface and undersea warfare areas. The ship set a new performance standard while serving as the air defense commander for back-to-back deployments in the U.S. 5th and 7th Fleet areas of operation with the John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group.Rear Adm. Douglas J. Asbjornsen, commander, Naval Air Force Reserve; Deputy Commander, Naval Air Forces; and Deputy Commander Naval Air Forces U.S. Pacific Fleet, joined officials from the Spokane Navy League to present the commemorative plaque to members of the crew.“As I was walking down the pier this morning, the first thing that impressed me was how good the ship looks, especially getting ready to go into a maintenance availability,” said Asbjornsen, a Navy Reservist who resides in Spokane and helped represent the city during the ceremony. “Then I looked at your history and how many deployments you have done, tip of the spear deployments, and you continue to do the great things you are doing.”Capt. Timothy J. Kott, Mobile Bay’s commanding officer, credited his predecessor, Capt. Tom Halvorson, and the entire Mobile Bay crew for the ship’s success.“This is a big day in recognition of everything that Mobile Bay did in 2012,” said Kott. “This culminates how far Mobile Bay has come since the INSURV [Board of Inspection and Survey] inspection in 2011. There is no better recognition than this award.”Commissioned in 1987, Mobile Bay is a Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser named after the Battle of Mobile Bay that took place during the American Civil War in 1864. In addition to the Spokane Trophy, the ship was also awarded the 2012 Battle Efficiency (Battle E) Award earlier this year.[mappress]Press Release, September 30, 2013; Image: Navy View post tag: Defence Industry newscenter_img View post tag: Navy View post tag: USS September 30, 2013 View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Spokane View post tag: Defense View post tag: Mobile Share this articlelast_img read more

If you haven’t heard of the term transcription, then don’t translate websites into Chinese

first_imgTake HSBC for example. The bank entered the global market in 2009 with its American slogan “Assume Nothing”. But in some parts of the world, the slogan is unhappily translated as “Do nothing.” To cut a long story short, HSBC eventually spent $ 10 million to change the slogan to “The world’s private bank.” In the whole “hysteria” around Chinese tourists, various tourism workers make key mistakes, and one of them is that they do not have a website translated into Chinese at all, as well as using Google translate when translating, which is a big mistake. Apart from making them frivolous and an object of ridicule, they will certainly not attract Chinese tourists. In fact, just drag.  However, as in every language, both in Croatian and Chinese, there are various dialects and meanings of some words. That is why it is crucial, in general with any translation, to use the services of a professional translator. Attract Chinese tourists with Chinese-language content they can identify with Find out more about price packages for translations into Chinese and for entering content on websites in the attachment. If you want to attract Chinese tourists then you need to have a website like all promotional materials in Chinese. This is the basis and the first step in general if you are thinking of hosting Chinese tourists in the future.  Translation is usually the transcription of a document from one language to another. In the translated version, it is necessary to keep the terminology and tone of the original material. The final text should not only be linguistically correct, but should also take into account different cultural nuances. Cover photo: ProConcept The transcreation of content results in a cultural adaptation of the brand and marketing messages to the audience we are addressing. Quality written transcribed content in Chinese that confidently expresses the identity of your brand and its values, and which will provoke emotional connection with your target market. Photo: ProConcept PROCONCEPT is the exclusive agent of IPPWORLD – a global provider of creative translation services and online promotion solutions.  In addition to the Sea Organ, in the Zadar tourist offer we have “Morski organ” / Source: It is quite clear that a professional translator must first master the linguistic, cultural and social standards of a particular language. But after that he must also have expert knowledge of the industry for which he works translation, he must be deeply involved in the way of doing business, communication with clients, industry standards.  Transcreation is a combination of translating content and creative writing to create an emotional connection of the target audience in their language. The tone, emotions, and context must fit the target language and audience perfectly. When it comes to brand marketing messages, those they must attract the target audience, but at the same time stay true to the original message of the brand. And here we come to the word mentioned in the title – Transcreation, as well as the differences between translation and transcreation. The KFC fast food chain has not started well with the opening of the first branch in China. Their famous slogan “Finger Lickin ‘Good” was translated as “Bite off your fingers”, which of course didn’t sound appealing at all! Just because you use a language in speech and writing doesn’t mean you’re a translator. We often take a translator to translate a certain text for us and then after we get the translation we have to edit it ourselves. Why? Because the person who translated the text knows nothing about our industry and business.  Unfortunately, you can find a lot of funny examples of wrong translations on the Internet, unfortunately also in Croatia.  For translations into Chinese, contact professionals who know how to convey the emotions and messages of your brand in a way that reflects its true culture and style, and at the same time be written in a way that encourages shopping.  Attachment: Price packages – for translations into Chinese and for entering content on websites If nothing else, such mistakes act as a reminder of the importance of transcreation. Mistakes can make readers laugh, but if they do, the joke is, unfortunately, always at your expense. The one who will not laugh is you, because such mistakes can be very costly. KFC’s mistake as an example to others – “Take your fingers off” How much does it cost to translate a website into Chinese? The use of app translations for marketing messages about your brand should be completely avoided because they do not understand emotional expressions nor have the ability to analyze whether a sentence is witty or serious. Strangely written or meaninglessly translated content into Chinese can put you in an awkward situation detrimental to your reputation. After all, if Chinese customers don’t understand what you’re selling or promoting, they won’t buy anything from you. This is where the old consumer saying goes: “what I don’t understand, I don’t buy”. There are many reasons why the nuances of a marketing message can be lost in a literal or direct translation. There are also countless examples when the translation is simply not well written. Have you been thinking for some time about translating your website into Chinese… but you are not sure how much it will cost you and how you will enter the translated text into the website itself? To make your decision easier, we have prepared for you price packages and kits that cover different needs and requirements, but also a few tips on what you need to do to attract Chinese tourists. The globalization of business and the opening of multiple markets on several continents has never been easier and that is why it is especially important that translations of documentation and promotional materials are effective. Mistakes cost us dearly, often making the difference between success and failure in a particular market.last_img read more