15 fun activities for school holidays!

first_imgSchool is the time to make a dozen memories and learn through activities apart from just studying. Holidays can be a crucial part of this process and actually going out on holidays and enjoying yourself can not only teach you a lot but also give you great stories and great experiences. We have for you a list of fun activities for your school holidays!Water Park In the scorching heat of the season you cannot have enough of splashing and playing in the water to ify its effects. Going to a water park is thus the perfect remedy one has to offer when it comes to getting rid of both boredom and the heat!  One dozen book challenge Holidays are all about stepping out of your comfort zone and learning new things. What better way to do other than reading books. This holiday season pick up various genres of books and various types of authors and travel to a world of knowledge and learning. Take ‘A Dozen Book Challenge’ in which you try to finish a dozen books in one month and give your knowledge the horizon it needs.Family camp trip Between school, tuition, study hours, homework and all the other things, it is family which is ignored the most. This time instead of taking a generic family vacation take a family camping trip. With no phones or internet to pose as an obstruction, spend genuine time together singing by the bonfire, roasting marshmallows, putting up tents and star gazing together.  advertisementSibling road tripSiblings can be the best friends you need, but in the chaos of everyday life, their company is somewhat lost. Go on a road trip with your sibling, share secrets and redefine your own relationship with them. Re-doing your roomIt is never a bad idea to get in touch with your creative side when you have the time. Give your room the makeover it and explore your own talents while you are at it.Finding love on a weekend trip with your friendsFind summer love on a trip with friends. The best time for a summer romance is on a trip with your friends. Take a train ride, meet new people, visit new places and discover not just a new side of travel but of yourself and love as well.Go ghost huntingA filed ghost hunt makes a good story; a successful ghost hunt makes a unique one! Go to an abandoned building and have a mini adventure which both scares you and makes you laugh your heart out.Sleep oversThe best thing about holidays is that every day is a weekend. The best thing about a weekend is sleep overs. Whether you play playstation or give each other make overs, it does not matter.  Quality time with friends has its own perks which more than usually are unravelled later in life!Visit an old age homeThe old are treasure troves of knowledge who only need some company to unlock their experiences. Take in what they have to offer while giving them moments to cherish and hold onto!Play in a parkYou do not know when you will get to be a free kid next. Revisit your childhood, play hide and seek or ride the swing in a park, cycle around and look at life from a brand new perspective!Cook Cooking is a skill all should know but only some care to pick on. Before the start of next school year or college prepare yourself to know how to cook at least basic dishes. For all you know you stumble upon your latent talent and become the next top chef! Join a workshop A crucial part of learning is understanding how to do things you like differently. Join a workshop, a sport or experiment with your talents. Not only will it let you use your time constructively but also give you an insight into how things are practically done! Learn how to driveDriving is again one of the skills which are necessary to be independent but only some care to learn. This summer set your fears aside and learn how to drive in order to take your first step into independence, maturity and adulthood!Explore your city We spend our entire life in one place and yet never really go to the corners we don’t have business in or look at the variety of things it has to offer. We mostly do not even care to know our own history, culture and heritage. Become a traveller in your city, visit every monument, understand how it came to be about, explore the corners you always ignored you never know what surprise awaits you!advertisementBackyard barbeque No holiday is complete without a grand party where all friends and family members come together to celebrate. What better way to do so than a backyard barbeque! Gather your friends, call your family, take out the music system and celebrate the holidays!last_img read more