Tinos woman cooks and offers over 120 meals a week to the

first_imgThe Community Kitchen in Tinos island, Greece, started a few years ago by a single lady, Katerina, who felt the urge to help those in need by cooking for them on a weekly basis.Her Tinos journey started back in 2003, when she sought refuge at a the local woman’s monastery of Panagia during a time of illness.A nun kept her alive by taking care of her on a daily basis and following her recovery, Mrs Katerina decided to permanently relocate there.As a thank you to the monastery and the the local community she took on sewing again -her old trade- as a source of income, and volunteered to cook over 100 meals a week for the island’s homeless, disabled, sickly and poor.Mrs KaterinaOut of her own dedication and passion, Tinos Community Kitchen was born. Through word of mouth, neighbours and friends started offering food to Mrs Katerina while a group of local women joined in to help with preparation, cooking and packaging.Tinos Community Kitchen’s operation depends exclusively on the support of individual volunteers and local businesses.The menu planning begins every Friday based on donations and ingredients supplied by benefactors and meal packaging resumes on Wednesdays.Mrs Katerina and her “angels” as she calls those who support her cause, cook a variety of different foods and go out of their way to even follow dietary requirements for people with medical conditions. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more