Nintendos answer to Xenoblade Chronicles X long load times is 10GB of

first_imgWhile Nintendo may class the Wii U as a current gen system, its spec sheet suggests last-gen+ hardware resides inside the case. It can’t match the PS4 or Xbox One on performance, and the included storage is limited to just 32GB, or even 8GB if you chose the Basic model. With that in mind, Xenoblade Chronicles X is an impressive achievement on the system, but it is also making it very clear what the limits of the Wii U are.Load times for the disc-based version of Xenoblade Chronicles X are long. Nintendo and developer Monolith Soft realize this and have decided to do something about it in the form of downloadable data packs. There are four in total, amounting to just over 10GB of data to download. Thankfully that data can be placed on an external USB-connected drive. You also don’t have to download all four packs as they are split based on what you do most in the game.Here’s a short description of what each pack contains:The Basic Data Pack (2GB)The most essential data pack, this contains frequently used terrain, city, and field data to speed up load times in general.Enemy High-Speed Data Loading Pack (2.93GB)Recommended for players who want to do a lot of exploring and regular fighting of enemies.Player High-Speed Data Loading Pack (3.8GB)Recommended for any players who intend to focus on completing lots of missions.Skell High-Speed Data Loading Pack (1.6GB)Speeds up loading for all the game’s mechs.Even though you have a choice of how many of these packs to install, it’s clear from the descriptions that you really want them all on your Wii U. All players are going to do everything detailed in the packs and won’t want to suffer longer than necessary load times for any of it. Of course, if you opted to buy the game digitally, you will already have all the data on a hard drive and won’t need these packs.Hopefully having to do things like this for individual games will wake Nintendo up to the fact they need to add a large hard drive to the Nintendo NX.last_img read more