The owner of the Hoffenheim completes the vaccine ‘anticoronavirus’: “It should be for autumn”

first_imgBillionaire Dietmar Hopp, owner of the Hoffenheim, may play a leading role in the fight against the coronavirus. The tycoon, highly criticized a few weeks ago in Germany by the ultras of several clubs, is finishing developing a vaccine that could alleviate the effects of the virus, according to Der Spiegel. A Tübingen-based company CureVac is already working on the virus remedy and may face the latest phase. Hopp is also a shareholder in the Bill and Melinda-Gates Foundation, which, together with CureVac, develops vaccines against all kinds of infectious diseases.In recent days, there was a strong rumor that the United States would be behind their company in order to gain control of it and, therefore, of the vaccine they are working with. Precisely for this reason, Hopp indirectly accused the American president, Donald Trump, of little solidarity. “If we want to develop an effective coronavirus vaccine, this person must not only reach and protect people but also have more solidarity with them”Hopp said.The vaccine will not be sold to the United States, said Federal Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) at ARD. “It was a great decision by the company’s management. With his decision to offer a possible vaccine to everyone, he made it clear what the meaning would be in the face of such a crisis. Germany is not for sale “Altmaier said.Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced the US government’s attempt to lure CureVac researchers to his country with a lot of money. The Federal Ministry of Health had previously confirmed a “Welt am Sonntag” report in which the US government was trying to buy the Tübingen company. President Donald Trump wanted to bring German scientists to his country in exchange for high financial donations and thus ensure the vaccine for his country. For autumnDietmar Hopp, owner of the Hoffenheim, hopes that the coronavirus vaccine will be available in the fall. This was explained by the billionaire and maximum shareholder of CureVac, a pharmaceutical company that is finalizing the vaccine to combat the pandemic, in statements to the German sports website Sport1. “Much depends on the Paul Ehrlich institute (Federal Institute of Vaccines). It must first be tested on animals and then on humans. Of course, I think it should be available in the fall, when a new wave of infections is likely to come “Hopp noted.The Hoffenheim boss, who was recently harshly criticized by ultas in the Bundesliga for his peculiar investment model in the Badense club, also admitted to denying US President Donald Trump the exclusive right to the vaccine in exchange for around $ 1 billion. “It is evident from my point of view. It cannot be that a German company develops the vaccine so that it can later be used exclusively in the US “, he sentenced, explaining at the same time that it was not he himself who had contact with Trump: “I did not speak personally with him. She went directly to the company and it was she who came to me to know my point of view. I knew immediately that it was not an option. ”As for the success of the vaccine’s development, Hopp wanted to praise the work done by CureVac. “I don’t care what it might mean to me. What really matters to me is that the company get the reward for 15 years working in research. We also had to suffer the odd setback, but I never doubted the team, I continued to finance it and that fills me with joy “, he concluded, appealing at the same time to the conscience of all: “It will only get better if the Germans, as long as possible, stay at home. I, for my part, have canceled all my appointments. If people do their part, we will beat the virus, “he concluded.last_img read more