Socpo puts priority on ending racism at work

first_imgSocpo puts priority on ending racism at workOn 3 Apr 2001 in Personnel Today Socpowill lead the way in adopting the anti-discriminatory measures of the RaceRelations (Amendment) Act which came into force this week, claimed Socpo’s newpresident at the society’s annual conference. Speakingin Brighton last week, Keith Handley said, “I want to encourage more blackcolleagues to join Socpo. Currently, it stands at 5 per cent, which is notenough. I am looking to use membership expansion to address this.”Socpois drawing up plans to increase its membership from 500 to 5,000. Handleycriticised the record on ethnic minorities. He said, “I do not think Socpo orlocal government responded positively enough to the MacPherson report.“Thereseemed to be a perception that local government’s house was in order and thatthe report was aimed at other bodies. Well you take your eye off the race ballat your peril, and Socpo must not do that.” Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more