Whats the range of the Wii Us gamepad

first_imgNintendo boss, Iwata, has interviewed his colleagues that made the gamepad possible, to give a better understanding of how it works and answer that all important question — what’s the range of the Wii U’s gamepad?The Wii U gamepad acts as a wireless receiver for images sent from the Wii U itself and therefore needs to receive the images in real time, without any latency issues. In fact, to get round these issues the people at Nintendo had to get outside help in order to achieve something no one else has before.There is no clear answer on the range of the Wii U’s gamepad, it entirely depends on how your house is built. In certain games, you can continue playing your game without the TV so if someone wants to watch something on TV, you can keep playing on your gamepad. However it is recommended that you continue playing in the same room with no other objects in your way to avoid the signal being interrupted.Iwata said it is possible to continue playing a game while having a wall in between the gamepad and the Wii U but it depends what that wall is made of. As the signals being sent from the Wii U to the gamepad are radio waves, these waves can be affected when they have to go through something such as water or steel but a single wall should be ok.Bill Trinen from Nintendo America recently suggested using the gamepad 24 feet away (8 meters) for the best performance but it is recommended you simply test how far you can take your gamepad, when you get a Wii U, without losing the signal.via Iwata Askslast_img read more