Marco Benevento, Ween’s Dave Dreiwitz Among Additions To Eric Lindell Benefit Show

first_imgLast week, it was announced that a benefit concert was going to take place this Friday, March 25th for NOLA guitarist Eric Lindell and his family at Brooklyn’s The Hall at MP. We recently learned that the Lindell family suffered some heartache, when their infant son was immediately put on life support following his birth, and doctors discovering that his wife, Sarah, had a heart condition. The family is currently dealing with everything the best they can, and we, the music community, are attempting to help the best we can.Musicians Form Benefit Concert To Help NOLA Great Eric LindellAdditional special guests for the performance were confirmed today, including Ween/Joe Russo’s Almost Dead bassist Dave Dreiwitz and his cohort Marco Benevento, along with members of Bonerama and guitarist Seth Walker.The benefit will take place this Friday, acting as a late-night for the sold out Joe Russo’s Almost Dead show at Brooklyn Bowl. Confirmed musicians thus far include the “Piano Prince of New Orleans” Davell Crawford (keys, vocals), Gregg Allman Band guitarist Scott Sharrard (guitar, vocals), Elise Testone (vocals), Lindell collaborators Chris Fitzgerald (sax) and Arne Wendt (keys), as well as members of the Brickyard Band and Shady Street Show Band.The show will begin at 12:30am 3/25 (technically 3/26) and tickets are $20. All proceeds will go to the Lindell family. If you are unable to attend, you can still donate to the Lindell family through the GoFundMe page. Check out the Facebook Event for more information.last_img read more

Tedeschi Trucks Band Welcomes Amy Helm During Two-Night Buffalo Run

first_imgTedeschi Trucks Band brought their soulful brand of rock and roll to the University At Buffalo Center for the Arts in Buffalo, NY last weekend, playing back-to-back sold out shows for the upstate New York crowd. The band has been on an absolutely tear throughout 2016, starting the year off by releasing their new album Let Me Get By. With the tight chemistry of a 12-piece band led by two virtuosos, Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, the group is simply unstoppable.Last night in particular, the band got a little helm from local legend Amy Helm. The daughter of Levon made her presence felt on a potent rendition of John Prine’s classic tune, “Angel From Montgomery.” The full show featured tons of highlights, including 2016 debut versions of “Don’t Let Me Slide” (LTP 4/1/15) and George Harrison’s “Wah Wah” (LTP 7/12/15). With the show falling on Mother’s Day, the fine folks of TTB had roses distributed to all the lovely ladies in the crowd. A fine gesture indeed!Check out the setlists from both nights below:Setlist: Tedeschi Trucks Band at University At Buffalo Center for the Arts, Buffalo, NY – 5/7/16Set: Laugh About It, Don’t Know What, Keep On Growing, Bird On A Wire, Anyhow, I Want More, The Storm, Lord Protect My Child, Within You Without You > Just As Strange, How Blue Can You Get?, Cryin’ Over You, Midnight In Harlem, Let Me Get ByEncore: Going Down To Mexico, Bound For GlorySetlist: Tedeschi Trucks Band at University At Buffalo Center for the Arts, Buffalo, NY – 5/8/16Set: Don’t Know What > The Letter, Made Up Mind, Do I Look Worried, Love Has Something Else To Say, Done Somebody Wrong, Don’t Let Me Slide, Idle Wind, Get What You Deserve, Angel From Montgomery*, That Did It, Let Me Get By, Sticks and StonesEncore: Wah Wah, Let’s Go Get Stoned* = w/ Amy Helm[Setlists via Tedeschi Trucks Band]last_img read more

Colorado’s New VERTEX Festival Announces Lineup Additions With Stunning Videos

first_imgThe exciting new Vertex Festival is set to take place in Buena Vista, CO from August 5-7, bringing artists like Alabama Shakes, Trey Anastasio Band and ODESZA out for this inaugural celebration. The much-hyped festival just got a lineup booster, as 11 exciting new artists have been tacked on to the Vertex lineup.Nationally-acclaimed artists Emancipator Ensemble, Buckwheat Zydeco and Dreamer’s Delight all lead the pack of artist additions, but there’s plenty more music to be excited about. A bounty of Colorado-based musicians, including Drunken Hearts, Trout Steak Revival, Zach Heckendorf, Head For The Hills, Evanoff, The RunniKine, Mama Magnolia and Other Worlds, will all be in attendance.The full festival lineup can be seen below, and more information is available on the festival’s website.Lineup Announcement:Festival Site Sneak Peak:last_img read more

Listen To The Claypool Lennon Delirium’s Insane Debut Album, Streaming in Full

first_imgOne of most highly anticipated albums of 2016, The Claypool Lennon Delirium‘s Monolith of Phobos, is getting set for a June 3rd release, and is being streamed a week early (listen below). The group, featuring Primus‘ Les Claypool and Sean Lennon (son of fallen The Beatles legend John Lennon), have joined forces to explore the abstract, inter-dimensional state of weird, something both artists are rather familiar with.In an interview with Rolling Stone, the duo discuss their initial interaction while Lennon’s The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger lent support for Primus last summer, as well as their inspiration for the album and the process of making Monolith of Phobos – the 1968 Monkees film Head, a Buzz Aldrin revelation in a C-SPAN interview, and a lot of Pinot Noir. Lennon discussed the initial jam and sessions that inspired the two to work together: “It was comfortable but I was a little nervous, basically because I’m a nervous guy. Les was also someone that I’ve been a fan of since I was young. From my perspective, it was pretty natural. We have similar taste in notes. We tend to like the notes that other people hate. We also got along well. That’s the most important thing when you’re going to be on a tour bus with somebody. Les gets to work with a lot of great musicians, and he works with people that he likes.”Claypool went on to discuss Lennon’s aptitude for making music, “Sean is a musical mutant after my own heart. He definitely reflects his genetics – not just the sensibilities of his dad but also the abstract perspective and unique approach of his mother. It makes for a glorious freak stew,” even going on to say that Lennon’s drumming is “like a cross between Ringo and Nick Mason [Pink Floyd]. But I think folks will be most surprised by what a monster guitar player he is, especially when you prod him a bit.”The Claypool Lennon Delirium will hit the road this summer, and will be joined by Mark Ramos Nishita (Beastie Boys) and Paul Baldi (the Fungi Band) to round out the live band. The group will travel from coast to coast during the summer of 2016, from Florida to New York, and Washington D.C. to California. This is definitely a can’t miss show!Check out their new album, streaming in full below.last_img read more

Joan Baez Keeps Spirit Of The 60’s Alive And Well In Westbury

first_imgJoan Baez came to Westbury town on the eve of Bob Dylan being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Dylan and Baez were the King and Queen of the folk scene in the early 1960’s, and will be linked together far into the future. A fit and trim Baez would take the stage at the NYCB Theatre, and from the moment she opened with “Fennario,” the audience was offered a respite from the divisive and bombastic stories raging like a storm on the nightly news. Baez would sing her own songs, along with those of Dylan, Tom Waits, Steve Earle, Woodie Guthrie, Kris Kristofferson, Phil Ochs, and others.When you hear Baez’s voice, you wonder if a choir of invisible angels is in attendance picking up tips. In all, Baez would offer 21 songs, and there was even a masterful drum solo. Baez introduced her drummer, announcing “my lovely son, Gabe.” With a capable band consisting of Gabe Harris on percussion, Dirk Powell taking on the multiple duties on fiddle, banjo, piano, guitar, mandolin, keyboards, and Grace Stumberg on vocals in tow, Baez is still able to pull the string of our basic humanness and common decency to others.Baez continued with the Tom Waits number, “The Last Leaf on the Tree.” Next up was Steve Earle‘s “God Is God.” Baez was singing solo until the fourth number of the evening, “Silver Dagger.” It was then her ensemble came out to join her. Baez announced “a song that you know”, and launched into a beautiful rendition of, “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.” As the reindeer army was all coming home, the songstress called the audience into a touching sing along. The atmosphere called to mind a volatile, yet more gentle form of political activism.Songs Like These Are The Reason Bob Dylan Was Awarded The Nobel PrizeA heart as gentle as that which Baez possesses must palpably feel intense angst at current events. We clearly did not fulfill the potential promise stated in a Dylan’s 60’s anthem, “The Times They Are a-Changin’.” The change certainly came, only as an all out war in Vietnam, Watergate, racial riots, and a populace largely alienated from their representatives. We have evolved since then into a state at constant war, with military bases in 181 countries.Woody Guthrie‘s “Deportee” brought to mind Dylan’s 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue Tour, where the song was sung by Bob and Joan. Depicting a plane crash at Los Gatos Canyon, the victims of the crash were nameless in newspaper reports. Baez sensitively sought to use the song as a vehicle to shine a light on those who similarly go nameless today.Kris Kristofferson‘s “Me And Bobby McGee” was a highlight, which was followed by the Aretha Franklin number “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man.” When Baez offered a touching “Diamonds And Rust,” Dylan couldn’t have seemed more palpable if he had actually been on the stage with her. Dylan once remarked that people do strange things when they are in love, regarding Baez. As strong as a figure as Baez cuts, the time spent with Dylan has helped to define her.How many could interact so intimately with such a musical genius without this being the case? Baez seems to speak of Dylan in terms of awe, sadness, and at times some remnant of underlying anger. Even years later, some remnant of flame still seems to burn between them at times, apparent when one mentions the other.Other songs included “Joe Hill,” “Darling Corey,” and “Gracias a la Vida.” The 21-song set list ended with the encores of John Lennon‘s “Imagine,” and Paul Simon‘s “The Boxer.” The audience stood voicing their appreciation. For an evening, decency and sanity were apparent in a political gathering in 2016. That is becoming too rare an occurrence in this day and age, especially when taking into account the circus that is the current Presidential Election.The NYCB Theatre at Westbury offered an audience friendly atmosphere, superior acoustics, and ample parking. An artist such as Joan Baez is well served playing in such an intimate and comely venue. Baez released some comments on Bob Dylan receiving his Nobel Prize, not long after the show. The comments were quite poignant, and dignified. They are published on her Facebook account:“The Nobel Prize for Literature is yet another step towards immortality for Bob Dylan. The rebellious, reclusive, unpredictable artist/composer is exactly where the Nobel Prize for Literature needs to be. His gift with words is unsurpassable. Out of my repertoire spanning 60 years, no songs have been more moving and worthy in their depth, darkness, fury, mystery, beauty, and humor than Bob’s. None has been more of a pleasure to sing. None will come again.”– words by Bob Wilson[all photos courtesy of Kacper Jarecki]last_img read more

Inside STS9’s Two Night, Tour-Closing Run In San Francisco [Gallery/Review]

first_imgSanta Cruz, CA live-instrument electronic dance-rock group STS9 just wrapped their 2016 Fall Tour with two nights in the San Francisco Bay – for all intents and purposes, a homecoming closer that was everything a die-hard fan could want in a weekend.On Saturday, November 19th, the quintet hosted a three hour, two set throw down at The Masonic in San Francisco. Anybody and everybody was encouraged to attend, no matter where in the country you live. To make the offer a little more appealing, the band limited admittance to the tour closer the next night, tying the tickets together.The next night, Sunday November 20, was hosted at the legendary Fillmore, their first performance at the venue in almost eight years – a four night run to end February and welcome March of 2009. Together, these two shows in the city mark the first time in over a year that they hit San Francisco proper.And boy did they deliver.With months of preparation for the tour closer, STS9 brought it big to mark the happy accident that is finishing a tour at home and kept the shows interesting: although there were no tour debuts, the band nonetheless curated an exceptionally intricate and exploratory musical adventure. Fans that weren’t able to make the trek for the weekend were able to enjoy the ride at the own pace through a free last-minute video stream of the show.The lights went down around 8:30PM as the deep space transmissions of “Supercluster” filled the room, the first of six cuts from the groups newest record The Universe Inside. Even though the evening was heavy on their newer material, the very next song, “Tap In” reached back to the groups 1998 debut album Interplanetary Escape Vehicle.What happened next was best described by a fan post-show as an otherworldly audible hallucination. The band began “Out Of This World” from Universe, but fans quickly recognized the STS9 favorite “Scheme”. Before long there was a recognizable lift from another section of “Scheme” over a new section of “World”, and STS9 continued to warp and mash the songs together until it was clearly a new and thought out composition that was dubbed “Out of this Scheming World”.“Sun, Moon and Stars” followed the insanity with some lighter intensity dance grooves and wavy synth leads before busting into “ReEmergence”, the lone cut from 2005’s Artifact to round out the middle of the set. Even though the band played “Golden Gate” in Oakland back in January of this year, it was the only acceptable repeat.But it was not a normal “Golden Gate”, it was rife with “Arigato” teases before they actually transitioned into the tune, a fellow track from 2011’s When The Dust Settles, to close the set. David Phipps’ note placement and general overtone meshed with the clean pop-and-snap of Alana Rocklin’s bass lines that seemed to resonate into high level harmonics thanks to the sweeping design structure of the Masonic. Drummer Zach Velmer got so amped up by guitarist Hunter Brown’s fretboard acrobatics he jumped onto the speakers behind him to pump up the crowd before he ended the set with an textbook example of giving it your all behind the kit.The second set was rowdy from start to finish and could have received high praises based off of the carry-over of energy alone, but STS9 doesn’t dial it in, period. Opening with a pair of non-album favorites “Vapor” and “Luma Daylight” as well as “Worry No More” from The Universe Inside, Phipps’ beautiful mastery of a classical sounding piano piece caught the attention of many in the crowd early in the second set.When the band reached deep into their Interplanetary Escape Vehicle and pulled out a “Moon Socket”, the venue erupted with cheers. The song took on an overly sinister vibe thanks in large part to Brown’s crunching guitar tones before a simulated transmission failure help[ed segue the track in and out of “Mischief of A Sleepwalker” from 2000’s Offering Schematics Suggesting Peace.“Oil and Water” seemed an appropriate segue amid the growing animosity from the entire Bay Area in general concerning the battle over oil and water in Cannonball, ND near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. The track carried sublime nuances of Bay Area favorite Tycho and provided a calm and reenergizing moment for the audience before busting out “Circus”. Check out the video below and see for yourself the fantastic percussion work of Jeffree Lerner:They closed the evening with two more tracks from the newest album: “World Go Round”, which featured a miniature rave on the floor, and the single song encore of “Get Loud” left fans hungry for night two, their return to The Fillmore.At The Fillmore, STS9 delivered one of the most stunning shows of the tour both on paper and on stage. Playing for nearly four hours with very few breaks or stopped time, the band hit on nearly every point of their career and drew up a set that touched on several albums, perfectly meshing the new with some of their oldest material.They opened with one of only four cuts from The Universe Inside, the festival favorite “New Dawn, New Day” before turning the auditorium floor into a zoo, seguing into an impressive “Monkey Music” complete with a sultry space-station waiting room bop and nod to the room’s original residents, The Grateful Dead, by way of a full on “Dark Star” jam in the middle.The band returned to the hype surrounding the near-instant sell-out of 2005’s Artifact vinyl reissue with a standalone “Today”, a track that had fallen out of recent rotation. A solid “Evasive Maneuvers” > “Kamuy” section teased the techno-heavy “Instantly”, foreshadowing the coming second set’s surprises.But in the moment, a tease was all it needed to be because STS9 had an ace up their sleeve, busting out the old school “Poseidon”, a song that didn’t see any play between 2004 through 2014, and the set closer “Jebez”, another tune that often eludes even the most die-hard fans. The last half hour of the set was dedicated to these tracks, and had all the energy you could want.Rocklin shone, deconstructing and rebuilding main themes between heavy, black-out jams full of big drum-offs between Lerner and Velmer as well as eerie under-water boss-level video game battles between Brown’s midi controller and the heavy riffage of Phipps’ phenomenal keys clinic.The hour and 15-minute set left the audience confused and grateful in a trance of bliss – they had just witnessed one of the most fire STS9 sets of the year. Less than 30 minutes later, the band returned to take that trance to the next level.Opening with a triple threat combination attack of “Forest Hu” > “Really What?” > “Blu Mood” would have been enough to write home about for any other show, but they kicked themselves into next gear and continued the play-calling schemes of the previous night.The band moved into “Instantly”, releasing a collective wave of validation from the anticipation of it being teased in the first set, but they quickly shifted gears into another non-album track, “GLOgli”. STS9 returned to “Instantly” and then the two songs mashed into one concentrated track.They rode the peaking wave up and into “Call Jam” before dropping into “Totem”. They didn’t stop there, however, and continued their frenetic onslaught of sound with a “Rabble” > “EHM” > “Rabble” sandwich – sans mashing together of the tunes – before finally ending the hour and a half set – with the last hour consisting of non-stop movement from one song to the next.The band returned after a few short minutes for a three song encore that guaranteed the FOMO of all who wanted to but couldn’t attend the weekend in San Francisco with “Elsewhere” > “Water Song” > “March”, the highlight being “Water Song” from Offering Schematics Suggesting Peace.There is no question STS9 is one of the most successful touring bands out there, and their careful attention to details are second to none.Setlist: STS9 at The Masonic, San Francisco, CA – 11/19/16Set 1: Supercluster, Tap In, Out Of This “Scheming” World, Sun Moon Stars, ReEmergence, Golden Gate* > ArigatoSet 2: Vapors, Luma Daylight, Worry No More, Moon Socket > Mischief of a Sleepwalker& > Moon Socket, Oil and Water, Circus, World Go RoundE: Get Loud* w/ Arigato teases& unfinishedSetlist: STS9 at The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA – 11/20/16Set 1: New Dawn, New Day> Monkey Music*, Today, Evasive Maneuvers> [email protected] Give & Take> Poseidon, JebezSet 2: Forest Hu>Really What?>Blu Mood, Instantly>GLOgli>Instantly(GLOgli x Instantly mashup)>Call Jam> Totem>Rabble>EHM>Rabble ( rabble x ehm mashup)E: Elsewhere>Water Song>MarchNotes:*Dark Star by Grateful Dead [email protected] Instantly teasesWords and photos by Joshua Huver // Must Have Media. See the full gallery of images below. Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Papadosio Celebrates “Earth Night” With Acoustic And Electric Performances [Full Videos/Gallery]

first_imgLoad remaining images Papadosio has made Earth Night an annual tradition, bringing fans together for a celebration of all things natural. This year’s main event took place at Express Live in Columbus, OH, with Papadosio headlining two nights for the occasion. After the all-instrumental “Live PA” set on night one, Papadosio brought the house down with two sets, one acoustic and one electric, on night two.Fortunately for us, the band live streamed their entire performance! Check it out in the videos below.Acoustic SetElectric SetSetlist: Papadosio’s Earth Night | Express Live | Columbus, OH | 12/17/16Set One: Oracle, Madre De Dios, Elephant I Presume, WCACB, Anima Mundi, War On War, Moon EntendreSet Two: Cue > Smile Nod XL, New Love, Frequency > Threes, CueYou can also catch a full gallery from the performance below, courtesy of Phierce Photo.last_img read more

Dirtwire Shares Single “Lost Highway” Ahead Of New Album Release [Premiere]

first_imgNot much can compare to the sonic journey that is Dirtwire, the one of a kind collaboration that features David Satori of Beats Antique, Evan Fraser of Bolo, and Mark Reveley of Jed and Lucia. The trio studied world music together at CalArts in Los Angeles, and while each has gone on to unique musical careers, the three find themselves always coming back for more on this passion project.With such varied influences that incorporate Americana, Beats, World, Funk, Blues and beyond, Dirtwire is truly a journey is listening. The group recently announced plans to release a new album, Showdown, due out on March 9th, 2017. With an all-too important message of peace and unity, the group’s first album with Reveley looks to be a great one.“Showdown is about standing up for what you believe in. We are living in a time of great extremes and polarized political spheres. The risk of totalitarianism is real. The risk of environmental collapse is real. We hope to unify people under the banner of music and inspire action in a world that is crying out for help. Showdown is about walking the walk and not backing down against oppressive powers that be which try to control and manipulate the people in their never ending pursuit of power. It’s also about Shish Kabobs and spaghetti westerns,” says the band.With that theme in mind, the band decided to put their unique spin on a Hank Williams classic, “Lost Highway,” setting it to a 6/8 rhythm with Ethiopian electro sounds accompanying. Get lost in the journey of Dirtwire’s new “Lost Highway” track, streaming below exclusively via L4LM!Dirtwire’s new album Showdown comes out on March 9th, and the band will be touring heavily in support of the new release. See the band’s schedule below, and find all sorts of information about them on their website.Dirtwire Tour Dates03/01 – Hopmonk Tavern – Sebastopol, CA03/02 – The Independent – San Francisco, CA03/03 – Trocadero Room – Reno, NV03/04 – Tahoe Beach Retreat – Tahoe, NV03/05 – Arcata Theatre – Arcata, CA03/07 – Volcanic Theatre Pub – Bend, OR03/08 – Hifi Music Hall – Eugene, OR03/09 – Star Theater – Portland, OR03/10 – Nectar Lounge – Seattle, WA03/11 – Wild Buffalo – Bellingham, WA03/15 – Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, BC03/16 – The Royal – Fernie, BC03/17 – Bloom – Nelson, BC03/31 – Powers 2 – Tokyo, Japan04/05 – 04/09 – New Earth Festival – Bali, Indonesia04/07 – 04/09 – Lucidity Festival – Santa Barbara, CA05/18 – 05/21 – Joshua Tree Music Festival – Joshua Tree, CA05/25 – 05/30 – Lightning in a Bottle – Bradley, CA06/15 – 06/18 – Sonic Bloom Festival – Hummingbird Ranch, CO08/17 – 08/23 – Eclipse Festival – Big Summit Prairie, OR[Photo credit: Jason Bruton]last_img read more

18 Unbelievable Performances From Northwest String Summit [Videos]

first_imgThe 2017 edition of the Northwest String Summit saw bluegrass legends, hometown heroes, and more join the host band, Yonder Mountain String Band, for a four-day musical vacation at Horning’s Hideout in North Plains, Oregon. All weekend long, the majestic ring of old growth firs and pines that encircle the concert bowl of Oregon’s beloved nature preserve and outdoor concert venue rang with the sounds of the best and brightest of the Americana and jamgrass scene. With artists like Del McCoury, Greensky Bluegrass, Fruition, Elephant Revival, Shook Twins, Todd Snider, JJ Grey & Mofro and Turkuaz on the lineup, there was no chance for disappointment, both in the quality and diversity of acts offered.Beyond its gorgeous landscape, Horning’s Hideout lives up its name in more ways than one. Thanks to its isolated location, the grounds have nearly zero phone signal. Even the most media addicted welcomed the chance to temporarily escape the bonds and burdens of our modern world and its ever-present technology. There was top-notch food from some of Portland’s favorite eating spots, fascinating arts and crafts to be purchased from incredibly talented artisans and creators, and, lest we forget, four days of perfectly lit, masterfully broadcast music.ThursdayFor Northwest String Summit, the weekend got started a day early, and the size of the crowd gave a solid indication of the dedication of the fans. The folks who come to the NWSS are a family, and at the core of that unit are the Kinfolk, the dedicated Yonder Mountain String Band community. Everyone was hustling around, configuring campsites and carrying chairs and bags of goodies down to the main stage in preparation for the musical fun to come.Portland’s own beloved act, the Shook Twins and Fruition, helped bring the hometown crowd out early, and masters of the psychedelic bluegrass frontier Greensky Bluegrass served as the headliner for the wild first night. All woman supergroup Sideboob held court in the Kinfolk Tent for the late-night fun before Elephant Revival closed out the evening in joyous reverie. The Sideboob show is coming in its entirety, but until then check out some of the video highlights from Thursday at the festival.Shook TwinsFruition – “Labor Of Love”Greensky Bluegrass – “I’d Probably Kill You”Elephant Revival – “The Garden”FridayFriday morning got started bright and early as the yoga enthusiasts greeted the dawn. Down in what is best described as a wooded holler, the Cascadia Stage kicked off a daylong series of sets in the shade with singer-songwriter Brad Parsons, Charlie Parr, and more. The Kinfolk Tent once again hosted workshops, theme shows, and more intimate sets from artists all weekend long like Fruition. Faces of all ages wandered to and fro, soaking in the sights, greeting friends, and smiling in the sunlight raining down through the trees. On the main stage, there was a murders row of the best in the scene with sets from Elephant Revival, Greensky Bluegrass, and the first big block of the Yonder Mountain String Band. You can check out highlights of all the fun below!Elephant Revival – “Have A Cigar”Greensky Bluegrass – “Windshield”Yonder Mountain String Band – “Sidewalk Stars”Yonder Mountain String Band – “All The Time”Fruition – “Mountain Annie”SaturdayThere is a feeling that is in the air on Saturday at a music festival. Everyone is finally in and set up, stage locations are learned, and a hard night has passed. The Kinfolk Tent had fun events like violinst Darol Anger and cellist Rashad Eggleston’s set that was both informative and hilarious. JJ Grey was on hand to bring some southern soul to the party as only he and Mofro can. Living legend Del McCoury had a set full of classics from Bill Monroe to Robert Cray on tap, and Turkuaz was getting ready to throw a latenight dance party that would be the late night cherry on top. But none of those performances generated as much buzz as Saturday’s Yonder set, where the jamgrass all-stars took on and remade Pink Floyd‘s Meddle album in their own inimitable style.The band wasn’t stressing about it though—they were too busy sharing the love with family and Kinfolk. Bassist Ben Kaufmann‘s mother was intered into the Kinfolk Hall of Fame at the backstage meet-and-greet. Besides her actual birthing of a band member, Mrs. K had spent the year fundraising for children’s cancer research and was even going to shave her head for the cause the next day. She shed tears as she was presented with the plaque bearing the names of the Kinfolk who have gone above and beyond the call of duty before her. It was a fitting tribute and served as a wonderful reminder of the impact Yonder and their music has and will continue to have on the world. Check out some of the magic from Saturday below.Darol Anger & Rashad Egglestone JJ Grey & Mofro – “The Sun is Shining Down (Glory Glory Hallelujah)”Del McCoury – “Smoking Gun”Yonder Mountain String Band – “Take A Chance On Me”We have already shared Yonder’s entire performance of Pink Floyd’s Meddle, which you can watch HERE. Luckily for the fans at the Northwest String Summit, Yonder had one more Floyd number up their sleeves. Check out the mayhem as they closed their set by advising everyone to “Run Like Hell!”Yonder Mountain String Band – “Run Like Hell”TurkuazSundayThere was a certain exhaustion to the faces and postures of the Sunday crowd. While some folks sadly packed and headed out early, the diehards rallied in the sun for one last blast of bluegrass insanity. The Travellin’ McCourys took the faithful to church on the main stage while a rare Old Hands reunion took place in the Kinfolk Tent. Todd Snider showed why a person with a idiosyncratic view point and a guitar is a danger to society. There was something on every stage to see, with eventually the whole festival coming together to watch a woman get shorn for a great cause ahead of a blow-out Yonder Mountain String Band set chock full of guest stars and pickin’ parties. Watch the highlights and head shaving below.Old Hands – “Wind Through The Willows”Todd Snider – “The Ballad Of The Kingmen Trio”St Baldricks Fundraising Head ShaveYonder Mountain String Band – “Winds Of Wyoming > Funtime > Winds Of Wyoming”By the end of the day, Northwest String Summit had once again drawn to a close. Children who had paraded with new friends on Saturday now slumped sleepily in seats as weary parents started for home. Exhausted band members and crews high fived and joked about a job well done. The loving back-and-forth vibe between the band, the fans, and the land at the Northwest String Summit is infectious, and everyone who attended took away a bit more of the love that only exists in this one place at this one time.At this point, I’d like to step away from the narrator voice for just a moment. My name is Rex Thomson and I am a proud part of the Live For Live Music team. I serve as a sort of jack-of-all-trades for the site, making videos, writing, taking photos and I try and generate some good will along the way. Anyway, I am going to be joining the ranks of those who have stepped up to raise money through shaving their heads for cancer research at next year’s Northwest String Summit. Cancer has taken plenty of those near and dear to me, and I’d be more than hapy if it would [email protected]#$ right off. They’re setting up a fundraising page for me as soon as they get the last couple things from this year’s fest done, so get ready to help a hairy man help us all. Thanks!last_img read more

Relive [Br]eaking [Bi]scuits’ Highly Anticipated Debut At Brooklyn Comes Alive 2016 [Video/Full Audio]

first_imgLast year, Brooklyn Comes Alive brought more than fifty musicians together in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a massive day of music, with twenty individual sets spread across three different venues featuring never-before-seen collaborations between some of the most talented artists in the scene. One of the most buzzed-about sets from the festival was the debut of [Br]eaking [Bi]scuits, a new supergroup concept consisting of Break Science‘s Borahm Lee and Adam Deitch and The Disco Biscuits‘ Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner.Since their debut last fall at BCA, [Br]eaking [Bi]scuits has had a number of encore performances—including a three-night run at Brooklyn Bowl in May—to satisfy the demands of fans who have been rabid to see the all-star group’s return. [Br]eaking [Bi]scuits more or less functions as a happy synthesis of parent bands, Break Science and the Disco Biscuits. Less clinically exacting than Break Science though certainly not as freeform as the Disco Biscuits, the group has found a happy medium offering their own tight renditions of some of downtempo electronic and trip-hop’s most classic tunes, laying out their own soaring performances of well-loved electronic compositions on the fly without the assistance of backing tracks.As Marc Brownstein told Live For Live Music ahead of the project’s debut last year, “I could not believe how excited people were for Breaking Biscuits. Part of that is [Adam] Deitch and Borahm [Lee]—everyone loves them. . . . I’m really excited about it. It’s gonna be the bomb. Deitch is the best. You know anytime you’re playing with Deitch, whatever it is, it’s gonna be great. With those dudes, it’s like butter.”The performance lived up to the lofty expectations, as [Br]eaking [Bi]scuits drew one of the largest crowds of the day to Music Hall of Williamsburg for the high-energy set. Thanks to YouTube user LazyLightning55a, you can enjoy this video of the supergroup performing The Orb‘s 1991 tune, “Little Fluffy Clouds”.You can also listen to their full set from last year’s Brooklyn Comes Alive below, courtesy of Moricle.Setlist: Breaking Biscuits | Brooklyn Comes Alive | Music Hall of Williamsburg | New York, NY | 10/22/2016Set: Robot Rock [Daft Punk], La Femme D’argent [Air], Stage Banter, Building Steam with a Grain of Salt [DJ Shadow], Rolf Royce [Tosca], Stage Banter, Little Fluffy Clouds [The Orb], The Horror [RJD2] The 2017 Brooklyn Comes Alive lineup features members of Umphrey’s McGee, moe., The Disco Biscuits, The String Cheese Incident, Trey Anastasio Band, and so many more. Iconic legends, such as John Scofield, George Porter Jr., Cyril Neville, DJ Premier, Johnny Vidacovich, and Henry Butler, will join members of nationally touring bands, such as GRAMMY-winners Snarky Puppy, The Meters, Primus, Soulive, Lettuce, The Motet, Lotus, Railroad Earth, The Infamous Stringdusters,Yonder Mountain String Band, The Russ Liquid Test, SunSquabi, Pendulum, Destroid, The Crystal Method, Midnight North, Aqueous, Kung Fu, Electric Beethoven, and more. Check out the full lineup of artists below, and stay tuned for upcoming announcements about bands, supergroup formations, and special tribute sets.***Tickets Are On Sale Now!***Each ticket grants attendees in-and-out access to all three venues, creating the feeling of an indoor music festival all within the heart of Williamsburg. In true Brooklyn Comes Alive-fashion, a brunch set will kick off the music each day, and performances will continue into the early hours of the morning with special late-night performances.To find out more about ticketing, VIP options, and lodging, head to the festival website.last_img read more