New York State Pushes for Offshore Wind Development

first_imgNew York State Pushes for Offshore Wind Development FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Associated Press:New York officials are seeking to expand offshore wind generation in the Atlantic Ocean.The state has proposed four new sites for wind energy projects to the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. Officials say they are asking federal regulators to expedite the process.Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has set a goal of producing 50 percent of all electricity in the state from renewable energy by 2030. He envisions producing 2,400 megawatts of offshore wind, enough to power up to 1.2 million households in the state.A modest project approved earlier this year east of Montauk Point will generate 90 megawatts from 15 turbines when it opens in 2022.The four proposed sites announced Monday are in areas south of Long Island and closer to New Jersey.NY Officials Seek to Expand Offshore Wind Energy Projectslast_img read more

Xcel Closes Coal Plants, Cuts Carbon Emissions Sharply

first_imgXcel Closes Coal Plants, Cuts Carbon Emissions Sharply FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享The Denver Post:Xcel Energy has cut carbon emissions 35 percent since 2005 and expects to surpass 50 percent by 2022, largely by retiring aging coal plants and replacing them with renewable sources.The Minneapolis-based owner of Colorado’s largest utility appears ahead of schedule on its goal of reaching a 60 percent reduction in 2005 greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and it is doing so without passing on cost increases to customers, according to the company’s Corporate Responsibility Report released this week.Xcel has announced the retirement of 20 coal units, accounting for 40 percent of its coal-powered capacity, from 2005 to 2026, including several in Colorado. To fill the gap, the company has invested heavily in wind-powered sources, and to a lesser degree solar, while also promoting energy conservation.“We’re on a path to provide a more sustainable, prosperous energy future and believe reducing carbon emissions while enhancing affordability is a tremendous benefit for the customers and communities we serve,” Ben Fowke, Xcel’s chairman, president and CEO, said in a statement.Last year, about 40 percent of the electricity Xcel supplied came from carbon-free sources, and half of that amount from wind. Besides reducing its carbon output, the company said emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides were down by more than 70 percent. It also has cut its water consumption by 40 percent.More: Xcel Energy Says Carbon Emissions Down 35 Percent Since 2005last_img read more

Sandy, With a Chance of Snow

first_imgSkiers in the South could soon be busting air on the slopes.Well, its official. Hurricane Sandy is here and rocking the East Coast. What seemed to be unprecedented media coverage has apparently come to fruition. Perhaps the hype is real after all. Our thoughts are with those in the path of the storm. Stay safe out there.Sandy may be battering the Atlantic seaboard with wind, rain, and storm surge, but travel a little further inland and this storm has a silver lining for those in the Blue Ridge: early season snow. While most of New England and the upper Mid-Atlantic is expecting high winds and masses of precipitation, the temperatures will most likely stay in the upper 30s and mid 40s, making snow unlikely. Counter intuitively, move a little further south and you could be looking at record amounts of snow in the Appalachians. As the counter clockwise swirl of Sandy pushes moisture south west toward West Virginia and western North Carolina, the cold temperatures will turn all that precipitation into buckets of snow.At Snowshoe Mountain and Canaan Valley, weather forecasters are predicting snowfall in the 8-12 inch range, and could be as high as 2-3 feet over Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before all is said and done. In North Carolina, the Banner Elk area is reported to be in line for up to 12 inches over the next couple of days. Two ski resorts in the area, Sugar Mountain and Cataloochee Ski Area, have both announced they are going to try and run the lifts on Wednesday. This would be an extraordinarily early opening for both resorts – Sugar’s previous earliest opening was November 5th. While opening on Halloween is still somewhat in doubt – both opening announcements came with a “weather permitting” caveat – just the thought of it is reason enough to get excited.The real issue, as always, is if this snow will have any chance of sticking around for the season. Following Sandy’s eventual burn out, temperatures are due to rise back to their usual levels. There is a good possibility this snow will melt off before there is a chance to take advantage of it. If it remains cold at high elevations, and this early season snowfall turns into a reliable base, we could be looking at a long season with reliable coverage, something that was sorely missing from last winter’s ski season.We’ll be keeping an eye on the sky and the snowfall as it piles up at local resorts. Here is a link to some area webcams to keep up with the accumulation.Let us know what the weather is doing where you are in the comments below.last_img read more

Exofficio: An Ode to the Best Pair of Underwear Money Can Buy

first_imgPrepare yourself for an unsolicited update on the status of my underwear. This could get emotional.Let’s start at the beginning. The year was 2005 and I had just moved to Jackson, Wyoming, thus accelerating my quasi-active lifestyle into the stratosphere of bro-ed out, uber-sweaty, always crushing, never bonking, super lifestyle like you read about. I was stepping my game up, and to be honest, the underwear fleet I had brought along for the ride was not cutting the mustard. Cotton kills as they say, and I was dead on arrival with my drawer of Hanes ribbed cotton boxer briefs.[Sidebar: If we want to go back to the very beginning, boxer briefs entered my life in high school and I have never looked back. They are not for everyone for sure, but by God they are for me. And I would never hate on Hanes. They make a great product that served me well for many, many years. But times, and men, change and at this point in my life, they were a changin’ fast.]Back to the middle of the beginning. I’m trying to dominate the mountains, and my underwear is holding me back. This is one of those things you don’t know you don’t know. Kind of like “you don’t miss it until it’s gone,” except the opposite. Now, there are some people who can power through these types of, admittedly, first world, vanity-influenced problems and continue along with their daily lives without a care in the world for their underperforming undergarments; I am not one of those people.So there I was, soggy, bunched, and unsatisfied in Wyoming. I was desperate for a solution, but didn’t know where to turn. The usual places I bought clothes – Belk at the mall, Marshalls, Goodwill – came up empty in the performance underwear category. Patagonia had some silky boxer thingies, but I was far too deep into the boxer brief movement to go back now, no matter how nice Capaline 1 feels against my…thighs. I heard rumors that Under Armor was getting into the game, but they were smalltime back then. Then something happened that changed my life forever. I happened upon Exofficio and their brand new Give-N-Go line. This was back when they only had two colors, black and white – the white was a mistake and they don’t make those anymore for obvious reasons – and they didn’t have any logos stitched into the waistband. Made from lightweight wicking material of the finest quality, they fit like a glove and stood up to every challenge – lunges, light jogs, dancing to Shout, the works. This was the answer to all my prayers!Or was it? They cost $25 a pop.So I devised a plan – more of a scheme. I bit the bullet and bought a couple of pairs to mix in with my regular rotation, saving them for the biggest output days. I then proceeded to weird out my friends and family – mostly family – by requesting boutique underwear as gifts for Christmas and my birthday. This wasn’t a casual “I’ll make a list and this underwear will be on it,” type of deal: the underwear was the list. Like some crazed Beanie Baby collecting lunatic, I steadily amassed enough pairs of these wonder briefs that I was able to toss all my cotton and go exclusively Exofficio. I was high and dry and free to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I was living the dream.Until yesterday.Yesterday, I pulled one of the first pairs from my first round of my purchases out of the top drawer, and something felt different. True, this particular pair had been on a steady decline for some time, but had always come through when I needed them. But yesterday, they looked defeated, like they just couldn’t do it, couldn’t handle the day-to-day grind anymore. The elastic got that bacon-y look, the color had faded like the skin of your grandparents. Needless to say, I took them for one last spin but it was obvious that their best days were behind them. They were done.Like any trusty piece of gear, this moment brought a flood of memories shared. That backpacking trip to Costa Rica when I only took those first two pairs (they say you can do this an the ads and they are right, I proved it against my wife’s wishes). That first day on the mountain wearing them under my long johns and feeling like Superman. All the support over all the years. I started to blame myself. The elastic just couldn’t hold up to the extra pounds, and the extra washes. Maybe if I had sun dried more, or used organic detergent, this wouldn’t have happened. Maybe if I had gone back to cotton during the shoulder season, this pair would still be with us… er… me.When you own something for so long, and is so close to you, it can be hard to let go. Nothing lasts forever, not even the best, most well made, possibly most expensive, pair of performance underwear you can buy, and I know this. It’s also not like I’ll never see them again: they are stuffed in the back of the drawer, ready to come out of retirement for spot duty when I let the laundry go a little too long. Sure, I’ve got fresh pairs in green and grey and blue now, but those will also be relegated to the bottom of the pile eventually.This was the first pair of what would become many, The Original. They are the beginning of the thread that ties my life together, from being a ski bum in Wyoming to trying to make it work in Colorado to getting married and being a father in Virginia. They were there for all of it, for all the good times and the bad. Nostalgia is a funny thing that can originate from surprising sources. My life has come a long way from when I bought that first pair of Exofficio boxer briefs, but is no less exciting or adventurous as my 8-month-old can probably attest. The memories of that time may fade, but they will always be there in the back of the drawer to come out for spot duty when things get a little too serious, a little too heavy.Such is life; such is an underwear drawer.last_img read more

Trail Mix: Thanksgiving With the Hackensaw Boys

first_imgIt is a well known and accepted rule that, on one’s birthday, one should be allowed to sleep in, particularly if one’s birthday falls on a day off from work.My nearly three year old daughter, Lindsay, doesn’t give a damn about said rule.Today marks the end of my 41st trip around the sun. I held out hope that my eyes wouldn’t be opened until after the 7 o’clock hour. A frivolous birthday wish, for sure, but parents of toddlers will understand my longing. Lindsay, bright eyed and bushy tailed, bounded into our room at 5:45 and, now, here we sit, me with a cup of coffee as I bang out this blog entry while she watches some Caillou in our sunroom.Happy birthday to me!This birthday has begun somewhat auspiciously. My family should be waking up in Charlottesville, not here in Wise, as we were supposed to head up to visit my wife’s family for Thanksgiving yesterday evening. A particularly aggressive stomach bug and some snowy weather have delayed our travel plans – I don’t think we will get to Charlottesville until tomorrow – but good times await us once we arrive.Of course, I am looking forward to a fantastic meal with my family tomorrow. Our annual exercise in gluttony is always much anticipated.Also on my radar will be Friday night’s show at The Jefferson Theater with The Hackensaw Boys and Chamomile & Whiskey.The Hackensaw Boys have long been one of my favorite bands to germinate in Charlottesville. I can remember buying their first record, Get Some, on a whim at the old Plan 9 store on 29 North.  I can remember the first time I saw them live at Starr Hill Music Hall. I remember being amused by the notion, seemingly, that if one played an acoustic instrument and called Charlottesville home, you could take on a folksy nickname and be a Hackensaw Boy your own self.Most distinctly, I remember the release party for the band’s second record, Keep It Simple. Hundreds of fans packed Starr Hill Music Hall and at least a dozen Hackensaw Boys took the stage. The energy was through the roof and the manic crowd was dancing so hard that the floor of the venue felt like it was going to give way. There were times during the show that I fully expected to end up in the lap of a dining guest downstairs; that I questioned the building’s structural integrity that night puts it mildly.While the cast of The Hackensaw Boys has remained pliable over the last 15 or so years, the band is still hard at it, churning our their frenetic, rough around the edges take on old time music. The band has cranked our four studio albums, two EPs and, this year, released For The Love Of A Friend, their first live record.The Hackensaw Boys sound as good as ever. Considering the holiday at hand, for that I am thankful.Joining the Hackensaws on the bill is one of Charlottesville’s up and coming bands, Chamomile & Whiskey.  This band has been on my radar for some time; they have made the trip out here to Wise to play, though I was unable to see them, and we have featured them on Trail Mix. They were even joined by some good friends of mine in Folk Soul Revival – a band with Wise County roots – at a Fridays After Five show this summer.  I am happy to be able to catch them live for the first time.In keeping with my birthday spirit, I have a gift for you. I’d like for you to be able to see Friday’s show at The Jefferson Theater. All you have to do is take a shot at the trivia question below and email your answer to me at [email protected]  A winner of two tickets to the show will be chosen from all correct answers received by 5:00 today.Good luck, and have a happy Thanksgiving.Question – The Hackensaw Boys began their musical career banging out old time tunes at what West Main Street lunar greasy spoon?last_img read more

Live Outside and Play Does Trash and Bikes

first_img One of the best parts of our job is interacting with communities and gear shops that care about their surroundings. Over the past week, we had the opportunity to hang out with some pretty rad people on trails in Boulder and Del Norte, Colorado. We organized a trash clean up with Rocky Mountain Anglers and joined for a group bike ride with Kristi Mountain Sports.Boulder Creek Clean Up with Rocky Mountain AnglersRocky Mountian Anglers, or RMA, has a way of getting people outside. The line, “You fish there, do you want to help keep it clean?” is enough to get plenty of customers out on the trail with us. The team from Elevation Outdoors paired with members of the Boulder community to walk Boulder Creek and clear out a serious amount of trash. Trash pick up experts found bike tires, shopping carts, and plenty of micro and macro trash along the riverside. We left from the shop, walked toward the creek, and then scattered among the trail looking far and wide for anything out of place. We returned an hour later with a bounty of out of place goods and restored them to their rightful place, the trash.As a reward for all our efforts, we gathered back at RMA for a barbeque grill out. We gave a tour of the van and got to tour another one from a fellow van dweller/trash clean up participant. The temperature was perfect, the river was clean, and all was well with the world for at least two hours while the community came together.Rocky Mountain Anglers hosts cleanups often. They were kind enough to let us join forces with them for this one, but if you’re interested in helping out regularly, get in touch. You can find a list of their upcoming events on their facebook page. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to organize a cleanup event with them, they are wonderful humans and happy to help! Group Mountain Bike Ride with Kristi Mountain SportsWe were able to join Kristi Mountain Sports, KMS, on a group bike ride in the Stone Quarry area last Monday. Del Norte, Colorado, has a plethora of incredible mountain biking trails ranging from smooth flowy beginner to super technical rocky boulder hopping, with all trails starting very close to the city itself. KMS held multiple group rides from Sunday through Tuesday while celebrating during their Del Norte Trails Showcase. The Del Norte Trails Showcase gets riders of abilities together in one place to experience the trails the town has to offer.We joined the “chill” ride for the afternoon. The Stone Quarry Area has miles upon miles of single and double track to explore. KMS lent us two full-suspension mountain bikes to explore the area with other riders. Eric, who co-owns both KMS locations (Alamosa and Del Norte) with his wife Lisa, led our excited crew over beautifully and newly built trail. If you’re in the area, make sure to stop at either KMS location and say hello. You will be met with friendly faces, copious advice, and the perfect trail suggestions to explore for your ability. Our next meet up is the Summit for Someone fundraiser. The Elevation Outdoors family is raising money to get everyone outside. Check out our facebook event for more information and how you can help or join!There is one way for this tour to be a reality, our sponsors! Sending a thank you shout out to our title sponsor Nite Ize, and all of our other awesome sponsors that make this happen: Crazy Creek, National Geographic, Sea to Summit, Mountain House, Lowe Alpine, Old Town, Leki, HydraPak, UCO Gear and Wenzel.If you like the gear that keeps us groovin’ click here to enter for a chance to win our Grand Gear Giveaway!last_img read more

Quick Hits: September 2019

first_imgHunter shoots at bigfoot near Mammoth cave campsite Number of ski areas acquired by Vail Resorts in a summer deal, bringing the slope giant’s total to 34. They include Pennsylvania’s Liberty Mountain Resort, Roundtop Mountain Resort, Whitetail Resort, Jack Frost, and Big Boulder.  This summer Roy Englert, 96, of Springfield, Va., broke the men’s 5K world record in the 95-99 age category at the USATF Masters Outdoor Championships. At the race in Ames, Iowa, on July 11, Englert posted a time of 42:20.33, handily beating the previous record of 50:10.56. Englert is making a habit of setting records for nonagenarian runners. Last year at the USATF Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships in Maryland he posted world records in the 800-meter, 1500-meter, and 3,000-meter races. He told the website Run Washington that he trains at least three days a week and admitted continuing to run isn’t always easy: “It’s not fun while you’re doing it. It’s fun when you’re finished. It’s hard work, actually.” Virginia Governor to create new Office of Outdoor Recreation Authorities are investigating a report that hunters camping at a backcountry campsite in Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park fired a gun after allegedly seeing Bigfoot. A bystander reported that he was camping with his girlfriend in a backcountry campsite when a man and his son awakened them around 1 a.m. The man said that both he and his son had heard strange noises and were going to investigate. About a minute later, a gunshot was fired. The man and his son then returned and told the camper that Bigfoot had emerged from the woods and so he had fired at it. The camper and his girlfriend decided to leave the area and report the gunfire.  Three bone marrow transplant survivors known as Team Lifeblood pedaled across the country this summer to raise funds for Be the Match, a nonprofit that assists those in need of bone marrow transplants.  Mountain Lion vs. Metallica Federal court throws out two key permits for Atlantic Coast Pipeline 96-Year-Old Record-Breaking Runner The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says that a private company’s plans to mine minerals near Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp poses “substantial risks,” and potentially irreversible damage, to the environment. Twin Pines Minerals LLC wants to mine titanium dioxide within four miles of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. The permit request is currently under consideration. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is still reviewing the plans but wrote in a memo back in February that the agency has “concerns that the proposed project poses substantial risks for significant effect to the environment,” and that “should impacts occur they may not be able to be reversed, repaired or mitigated.” The swamp has been protected since 1937 and serves as habitat for alligators, bald eagles, and other protected species. It is the largest federal refuge in the east. The administration of then-President Bill Clinton dismissed a similar mining plan by DuPont 20 years ago.  A young woman from Belarus drowned while crossing the Teklanika River in Denali National Park on the way to Fairbanks Bus 142, a landmark made famous by the book and movie Into the Wild. Christopher McCandless died in the bus in 1992 while attempting to live off the land. After the book and movie about McCandless were released, the bus became a destination for some hikers. The fatality occurred after Veramika Maikamava attempted to cross the Teklanika River by using a rope but was swept underwater by the swift current. Her husband, Piotr Mrkielau, unsuccessfully attempted to rescue her, pulling her body out of the water about 100 feet from where she fell in. Maikamava is not the first hiker to die while attempting to reach Fairbanks Bus 142. In 2010, a hiker from Switzerland died in the same river while on her way to the bus. Many others have had to be rescued.  More Biking in the Blue Ridge from our September Bike Issue Here Snowshoe Highlands named NEWEST IMBA Ride Center The West Virginia Highlands of Pocahontas County were selected as a bronze level IMBA ride center, one of only 40 ride centers in the world. Snowshoe Mountain is the hub of the ride center. Plans to mine near Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp pose ‘substantial risks’ A hiker in British Columbia was walking her dog when she noticed a mountain lion watching her. It began to approach her, and then it crouched in a prowl-like stance. She yelled at the mountain lion, but it continued to stare at her. The hiker quickly found Metallica’s “Don’t Tread on Me” on her phone and turned the music on full blast and pointed it at the cougar, which bounded out of sight into a bush.  Cycling for Life Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has announced the creation of a new Office of Outdoor Recreation. The office will lead efforts to promote the outdoor recreation industry in the state and work on attracting new outdoor businesses. According to a press release issued by Governor Northam’s office, the outdoor recreation industry contributes $22 billion each year to the Virginia economy and employs more than 197,000 Virginians. Deputy Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Cassidy Rasnick, will lead the office. The first order of business is to spearhead an initiative to recruit manufacturers of outdoor products like kayaks, bikes, and gear. “In establishing a statewide Office of Outdoor Recreation, we are taking significant steps to recognize the importance of this industry as a true driver of economic development in the Commonwealth, and demonstrate why Virginia is the natural fit for outdoor business,” said Governor Northam.  A judge with the U.S. 4th Circuit Court has ruled that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service didn’t follow its order to protect endangered species when it fast-tracked and re-issued two permits for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Judge Robert Gregory ruled that, “in fast-tracking its decisions, the agency appears to have lost sight of the mandate under the ESA (Endangered Species Act): ‘to protect and conserve endangered and threatened species and their habitats.’ Construction for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been held up since December 2018 due to regulatory setbacks. Dominion Energy, the major developer of the pipeline, released a statement saying that they expect the permits to be re-issued and the pipeline to be completed by late 2021. Around 60 to 100 coal miners in Harlan County, Kentucky, blocked a railroad track, preventing coal trucks from leaving a mine owned by Revelation Energy LLC. The miners occupied the track in protest, after Revelation Energy LLC filed for bankruptcy and laid off the miners without paying the wages owed to them. Some of the miners were carrying signs that said “No pay, we stay” and all of them are demanding to be paid for the work they completed for the company. “We get our money, this load of coal that’s on this train can go by,” Shane Smith, one of the protesting miners, told news station WYMT. “But until then, there’ll be no trains coming in, there’ll be no trains going out.” Smith also told WYMT that he’d be arrested before he would move, a sentiment shared with many of the other protesting miners.  A 24-year-old woman has died while hiking to the “Into the Wild” bus Laid-off miners in Kentucky protest over their unpaid wages 17 last_img read more

Gloria Estefan Floods Chile With Her Latin Rhythms Together With Her 14-Year-Old Daughter

first_imgBy Dialogo April 17, 2009 Singer Gloria Estefan inundated Chile with a flood of Latin rhythms in a unique concert full of life, political demands, and a stellar performance by her 14-year-old daughter, Emily Estefan. After ten years of waiting, an expectant audience last night received the American soloist of Cuban origin, who appeared after a half-hour delay, and quickly forgave her after hearing the first notes of “Mi Cuerpo Pide Salsa” (“My Body Wants Salsa”). Estefan, who has sold 70 million records sold and won seven Grammys, took the stage dressed in a bright-red outfit, which combined a shirt and skirt with a flower of the same color. Without stopping dancing, the singer broadcast her hottest beats to those gathered at the almost-overflowing Movistar Arena, and asked security forces to allow people to dance freely if they wanted to. Emilio Estefan, her husband, producer, and musical director, appeared and raised the flags of Cuba and Chile to the shouts of approval from the stands. On stage, up to 16 musicians from the band Miami Sound Machine were gathered. In the middle of the show, the singer’s favorite musician joined her: her heiress, Emily Estefan. For a few moments, no one could believe that the “solo” coming from the strings of the electric guitar in the style of the Mexican Santana could come from the hands of that shy girl. But not only did her guitar performance merge in full harmony with the musicians on the stage; she also ventured to play the drums, which she beat with “rock-and-roll” fans’ instinct. The public recovered from their encounter with the first lady of the night, now dressed in white and of turquoise blue, who sang “Hoy” (“Today”) with a particular Andean flavor, illustrated by pictures of Machu Pichu on the side screens. The trip continued from Peru to Cuba, and from the island to Brazil, where she “transported” the attending Chileans with her “Santo Santo,” which made all the hips at the stadium swing. Estefan reviewed 30 years of her career in about two hours, through a repertoire of hits such as “Everlasting Love,” “No Me Dejes de Querer” (“I Do Not Want to Miss”), and “Oye” (“Hey”) and kept the entire audience out of their chairs. “Twice my knees have shaken with fear. The first time was in Chile, before the Monstruo de la Quinta Vergara, about which I was told that they would throw things on stage if they did not like the performance,” Estefan said in reference to her experience in the Viña del Mar International Song Festival in 1983. In the last part of the concert, she dedicated her love for the Caribbean island were she was born, and where she left her parents in the sixties for political reasons, with songs like “Mi Tierra” (“My Land”) and “Cuba Libre” (“Free Cuba “). The show is part of her latest international tour, which in the coming days will take Estefan to Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador.last_img read more

President Santos Demands That Illegal Groups Release Recruited Children

first_imgBy Dialogo July 28, 2011 President Juan Manuel Santos demanded that illegal armed groups release the children they have recruited to their ranks, as a demonstration that they truly want peace. “That would be a demonstration of peace that the administration would receive as a true gesture signifying an intention to attain peace,” the President said at the presentation of the “Mambrú Does Not Go to War” campaign on 22 July in Bogotá. From Bolívar Square, where the Office of the Presidential High Counselor for Reintegration launched the campaign, which takes its name from a traditional children’s song, President Santos sent the message in the belief that the recruitment of children for war is one of the worst human-rights violations. “I want to take this opportunity to send a very clear message to the illegal armed groups: if they really want peace, as all of us Colombians want it, they have to start to make some gestures, such as releasing kidnapping victims, such as ceasing to recruit children, such as releasing all the children they have recruited to their ranks,” he said. The president maintained that with the “Mambrú Does Not Go to War” campaign, the country is crying out to the illegal armed groups to tell them that we do not want any more recruitment of children, but that children should instead be able to enjoy their rights, “because that is what makes us a country with a future, with well-being, and that is what each and every Colombian should be committed to.” He said that ending the recruitment of children “would be a demonstration of peace that the administration would receive as a true gesture signifying an intention to attain peace.” According to the head of state, 47 percent of all those demobilized from guerrilla and paramilitary groups (around twenty-five thousand) were recruited as children. “For this reason, all of us Colombians should not rest a single minute until Mambrú does not go to war, but instead dances hip-hop,” President Santos concluded.last_img read more

First LPR-40 Manufactured for Brazil Begins Testing

first_img However, after conversations were held during the Colombiamar 2013 maritime trade fair, and continued at the Latin America Aero & Defense (LAAD) 2013 security exhibition, the Brazilian government appears to be very interested in two additional boats. The first of four river patrol boats (LPR-40) that the Colombian shipyard Cotecmar is manufacturing for the Brazilian Navy and Army was tested for the first time during the second week of September. The Colombian shipyard and the Brazilian government signed a contract specifying the sale of four boats of this kind, valued at $8,375,350, which will be destined to the nation’s Navy and Army. By Dialogo September 12, 2013 The tests were performed at the facilities of the Corporation of Science and Technology for the Development of the Naval, Maritime and Fluvial Industry (Cotecmar), in order to deliver the new LPR quickly. last_img read more