Taobao business rules to reform the interests of businesses will go where


September 8th, Taobao a new round of rules and regulations implemented in full swing. Prior to this, every time Taobao’s reform rules will usher in the entire electronic commerce industry, public opinion oriented, or Hi there, or sad who also have. The reform itself is a necessity, there is something new out naturally have to bury those bad habits, so this is the need of development.

however, such practices will also usher in the combined two days of the situation. This makes the focus of Taobao’s operations from the original fuzzy gradually revealed its edges and corners, and ambitions outward, there is an attempt to eat his opponent’s wild momentum. And all this has nothing to do with it, that’s the capital chain. Yes, capital chain. The development of the Internet so far, especially people who do stand clear, do stand easy, difficult to operate the site. Regardless of is the grassroots or business tycoons, want to succeed in the development of a site will become better known from, and the viscosity of the platform, if you do not have large quantities of funds to support the result, as can be imagined.

as a consumer, open the Taobao home page, different promotions abound, to the consumer’s position, this will be a very good market environment.

for businesses, currently many Taobao promotion resources nearly 90% transferred to the Taobao store, with industry trends, the mall operators will mainly to individual businesses to consumers or to increase the cost of our store and then establish a portal, or only in the resource exhausted gradually put up the shutters of the case.

so, in my opinion, Taobao’s survival rules are three: businesses, buyers, sources. Among them, the capital chain flow is the main factor.

will be three twisted together and transformed into a rope, to the site to bring revenue, they must realize a bound of things, and the bondage of things should tie on anyone, as the third party platform of Taobao, will become the first direct business object.

why do you say that? Because businesses supply hoarding is equivalent to an accumulation of funds, but also is not an actual owners of the funds, can not be achieved if the goods circulation, through effective management, so that consumers do not pay, meaning Taobao will lose value.

at the same time, to allow consumers to pay, in addition to create a good price mechanism to win the favor of consumers, it is necessary to build a platform to allow consumers to fully lazy. Such a comprehensive, logical context.

back to reform rules, the most obvious reform of a trading price and trading volume after the cumulative display, familiar with Taobao shopping consumers will find that in September 8th, transaction records in the transaction amount will be displayed is an actual amount, that is to say that no matter how much the price, as long as the purchase price or price promotion communication and businesses would deal with the current records shall prevail.

to say that the change of this rule, in favor of the ratio should be above ninety-five percent, the benefits of

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