Vertical electricity supplier pain that is not vertical business model

so far, the Internet vertical electricity supplier in all walks of life, strictly speaking, is not what a successful business model for reference! "No vertical electric business model of success, the reason lies in this conclusion, the vertical electric providers of the Internet, is not based on Internet marketing of goods, regardless of the Internet marketing platform belong to any industry, or covering all areas of.

on the basis of the Internet thinking subvert the world, the book open concept of vertical electricity supplier model, vertical electricity supplier is the industry led Internet business model.

what is the industry led, is the integration of the Internet industry resources, and Internet based product marketing, apparently unrelated to the integration of industry resources. Just like Taobao electricity supplier, no matter how high the electricity supplier turnover, it is impossible to involve the integration of industry resources, which has nothing to do with the field of commodity marketing, its business model does not involve the integration of resources. Such as,, said the beautiful, happy peak, VANCL and Mcglaughlin called the vertical, but is the Internet marketing platform of certain commodities, and vertical electric business is not in the strict sense.

, such as YY voice into the field of education, the integration of teacher resources in the platform to teach entrepreneurship, or can be called the education industry, the industry leader in the Internet business model". Of course, YY education business model, has not yet involved in educational hardware and software platform, the integration of school resources (school teacher resources integration, the design of its business model is also the industry leader in this industry) and other aspects. There is no comprehensive and in-depth integration of resources, YY education model is still not subvert the traditional.

on the clothing industry, for example, that the industry led the garment industry vertical electricity supplier model how to design


garment industry, including many types in the whole industry chain, the clothing design, processing, marketing and other industries, and other industries such as designers, not only exist in the clothing business, there are a large number of designers have their own creative studio. In the industry chain so many sectors of the industry, how to do the industry led, and how to lead the industry to promote the integration of the entire industry resources


garment industry belongs to the manufacturing industry, the transformation of the Internet need to learn from the Internet thinking to subvert the "world" in the book "the concept of open Internet manufacturing": an important feature of the Internet is the development of manufacturing mode, design aspects of industrialization.

, that is to say, the transformation of the Internet industry in the apparel industry, "fashion designer" to dominate, other links in the industrial chain of industry resources, industry, fashion designers should focus on core resources, reconstruct the entire industry. The so-called R & D design links as the core of the industry, specifically to the garment industry, is the clothing customization (fashion designer) of the Internet business model.

garment industry of the Internet vertical electricity supplier model, not to dress designers to integrate the network platform

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