SEOer rely on to make money

SEO is still a relatively good industry today, but the two years of SEOer increased rapidly, it is estimated that the industry is very confusing for two years. It is important to study the technology of SEO, we need to persevere, many of my friends are not earn money because give up halfway, in the learning process, leading to himself had to withdraw from the industry, science and technology, but the SEOer money is more important.

SEOer can you make money from what?

1 keyword ranking services to make money (in their spare time can do garbage flow station)


provides service for beginners to learn SEO, generally from the beginning of the establishment of their own blog, and then to undertake some of the list to maintain the vitality of the object, facing the general small and medium enterprises, generally speaking for a skilled SEOer monthly income of over 10000 is relatively easy, but generally more tired. Recently received a martial arts rumored plug-in list, there is a list of words or a good income!

2 uses its own technology to run large web sites

when their technology is mature when a lot of SEOer began to consider the operation of their own website, operating a standing up the continuous income. But for the sake of the Internet environment may not be optimistic.

3 do some industry stations and commercial stations to sell

SEOer a lot of love to find some source code to optimize some keywords and then sold the station, such as some talent network and some virtual machines such as high commercial value of commercial website, with some time to optimize the business value is very high. Like industry stations, when you can go up after optimization and some companies have some cooperation.

4 and trade sales company

this is a promising way to make money, I know a few friends have to cooperate in this way, a small part of the network in a small part of the shares. This is generally more than

5 SEO+CPA sales alliance

do not need to engage in a separate site, the direct use of free blog, free home can do. Such sites do not need large traffic, as long as the flow of high quality, you can make money. Because you want to make money by not clicking, but sales. To do this model, you need to have SEO technology, but also need to choose a good CPA alliance, choose a good promotional products. CPA alliance abroad very much, such as CJ, CB, BF, etc.. Dangdang, Joyo and other e-commerce sites also have sales alliance.

6 provides SEO consultancy services

this way to make money are generally targeted at some of the friends in the SEOer sector, the basic is to provide services for large sites, such services are high fees, are time or item >

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