The deaf couple Taobao open shop a year to sell 2 million 650 thousand

Chen Hanjun is one of the millions of couples

network, their common but not ordinary. The Internet allows them to find a way to make a living, their entrepreneurial experience, but also allows us to experience a silent power. Understanding of Chen Hanjun, was held in the Hangzhou Alibaba network to the general assembly, he is one of the "Ten Network". When he was wearing a sports suit running on the podium, the audience applauded, but he could not hear. On the stage, he was very excited, often bowed, has been using sign language, said, thank you".

first deal

Wang Jian, a photographer in Xiamen. October 2004, Wang Jian in a Taobao shop to see their own has been looking for a long time a camera, he was very excited, quickly dialed the phone number left by the owner. The phone call, but soon be cut off. Hit a few times is like this. Just as Wang Jian was wondering, he received a text message: "Hello! I am the shopkeeper. What you need to be able to send text messages at any time, inconvenient to answer the phone."


message is tired, that is not clear, it is afraid of mobile phone telephone bill is too expensive? Wang Jian hesitated, again called the owner of the mobile phone, also be rejected. Wang Jian has ignited, then came a message: "I’m very sorry, I am a deaf mute, unable to answer your call, please forgive!" the deaf shop? Wang Jian shocked! Through dozens of text messages to communicate with the owner, Wang Jian reached sales. Wang Jian asked to face to face transactions, to do so, to facilitate the inspection; in addition, he would like to see the special owner.


with the Department of Xiamen, they quickly set up a meeting place and time. The second day, when the store in front of Wang Jian, he did not dare to believe that in front of a deaf mute: a young man in his twenties, a sportswear, head of a meter eight, youth and full of vitality. After the young man nodded shyly, took out a pen and paper and Wang Jian "talk". With the help of the pen and paper, the transaction was completed successfully, and Wang Jian remembered the special owner, Chen Hanjun.

Chen Hanjun told reporters in the mail, he was deeply impressed by the transaction. Because, this is the first business after their husband and wife in the online shop.

September 2004, Chen Hanjun and his wife opened a shop in Taobao, called the couple genuine discount stores, mainly selling digital products. Two weeks later, there is no single business, the couple a little anxious. At the beginning of October, they finally have the first single business, the customer is Wang Jian. When Wang Jian proposed to face to face transactions, Chen Hanjun some hesitation. As a deaf mute, he worried about is unable to communicate with others, this is his main reason for choosing online shop — online transactions do not see.

, after all, is the first single business, Chen Hanjun consider repeatedly, or agreed to the requirements of customers. He came to the agreed place with the mood, did not expect the transaction very smoothly, Wang Jian also encouraged him to open a good shop. The first deal was firm

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