Then QQ group marketing effect is king

I had some time ago on the QQ group marketing carried out a simple analysis, I feel there are some things it is necessary to emphasize a little. Because in my practice really found the effect of group marketing.

the last time we have done the analysis we will not repeat, did not read the proposal to look at.

below we look at the specific operation method

1 pinpoint positioning

when we choose the group must be based on the characteristics of their business, do not blindly add group. According to the characteristics of the industry to identify suitable for the user group, analysis of potential user habits, should not be seen on the group. For example: if you are the education and training industry, the training of English, then you have to analyze their own user groups will join what group. It is clear that "English", "English learning" and "English Salon" are all we need to join.

2 how to analyze group keywords

we do SEO people know that keyword analysis is a very important step. Similarly in the group marketing keyword analysis is not as complex as the site optimization, but also to analyze and research. Not only to identify the core keywords but also to find the secondary target keywords and long tail keywords. We are still in the English language training industry, for example, "English" is our core key word, "foreign language" is the secondary core keywords. From the two key words we can expand a lot of target keywords and long tail keywords, such as "English training" and "learning English" and "English" and "English Salon", "Beijing English" "Shanghai English" "Crazy English".

3 how to join these groups without being kicked out.


we try to search the target group general will find that after a lot of really, so how to apply to join? At this point there is a small doohickey actually, we have to look at this group, according to the characteristics of the group to apply to join the group, to complete the verification information correctly, must complete this is through the chance of a lot of big. Fill in the information as far as possible sincere, meet the requirements, appropriate to do some flexibility. After joining the group, we also want to see if you need to modify the group business card, if the requirements must be changed, as a newcomer must be modest, do not come in to send advertising, learn to lurk and observe.

4 how to use these groups

when we fully understand the group characteristics and group characteristics, according to the situation of marketing. There are several general methods: group mail, if the group has opened the group mail function this method is better. Send e-mail must not be a pure form of advertising, it is best to co-exist with soft and contact, so the risk will be kicked down. The establishment of group discussion group, if you do not open the mail function to build up the group discussion group is a good choice, but it is best not to have group discussion group or administrator. There is no direct advertising, you can set the first or near or soft. To send information to members of the group, the message alone can be a little bit of the nature of advertising, but

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