The prevalence of network marketing telephone marketing gradually decline

a few years ago, the network is still relatively closed, telephone marketing was the effective weapon to open up the market, but in the era of network computer technology is highly developed today, the telephone marketing gradually decline, but will die is not to say, at least in recent years is not.

now is the era of network, what do we need, as long as the computer, mobile phone, tablet and other connected to the Internet use Baidu Search network information service, supply all kinds of out of sight immediately, we can meet. More important point is that we can also compare the choice of the most appropriate and the best results.

compared to the telephone marketing, the current popular marketing tools – network marketing has an unparalleled advantage:

1, illustrated introduction to products and services (very detailed and intuitive, let me trust multiplication);

2 other users,

security evaluation and third party (follow the trend of psychological mischief, but relieved);

3, support for online experience and trial service (that is, a small cheap, but also the greatest guarantee of our interests);

4, high precision (we have the demand, "search" to find you);

5, from passive to active acceptance (telemarketing, whether it’s a salesman or a customer, is passive);

6, low marketing costs (China calls a little expensive).

we do Internet lottery site site marketing, marketing work is carried out on the internet. In today’s Internet era, more and more small and medium enterprises began to network marketing as their own marketing methods, however, China’s small and medium enterprises operating network marketing process is not smooth. Lottery website production company is a typical small business, we are also looking for more suitable for their own network marketing.

today’s small and medium enterprises in the network marketing model which is the main


1, enterprise signs

do they know the purpose of marketing is to expand market share, expand the brand value, Chinese and Chinese and general domain name, web site and so on, these are the characteristics of China Chinese characters is especially suitable for some of the domain name, China customers, these are we called the uniqueness of resources, is the enterprise and individual once the domain has been registered the others will not be able to use.

we build their own brands, such as Xiaofeng lottery website production enterprises, we will use a combination of domain name strategy,.CN and.COM can. First of all, I registered the domain name can make my brand can be reflected in the number, I registered my competitors can not use this to register, which itself is a means in the market. From the domain name is a basic marketing strategy.

2, email marketing

email marketing here is

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