Why did Wang Sicong help Apple engage in hunger marketing

[editor’s note: I do not know Apple’s public relations department is to thank, is the lucky, or the secretly happy? There is reason to believe that the behavior of the Wang Sicong micro-blog sun photos and business behavior does not matter. However, as Wang Sicong has always been, the apple is so lenient, whether there are other hidden meanings in? Remember the last time he shelled millet lack of creativity, only know that you are keen to imitate, once ridiculed Jingdong logistics and product quality defects, even the last one was satirized Liu Xiang in injury to men inflicted by evil persons micro-blog’s wife, he wrote: "if the marriage hearing today to tell everyone the truth, that is: plastic surgery to change the fate!" perhaps for apple, our national husband will not miss]


text / Chen Kai

September 18th, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (hereinafter referred to as Plus 6) has not yet been officially on sale, but someone has to get the goods! Today morning, "national husband" said Wang Sicong bursts of two micro-blog, drying out number 6 suspected Plus photos.

recent science and technology media, Apple’s 6 mobile phone has become the core of all pages, iron doom to follow, have a contemptuous disregard of the Navy, as well as exposure and function of various aspects of the iPhone 6 mobile phone evaluation, which has only become a universal iPhone 6 mobile phone campaigns for attention after inspired by how much real functional requirements, this comparison is difficult to measure, as is a routine way of hunger marketing apple.

said Apple mobile phone, maybe people the way in sales is the market preheat way, but this way is also now a variety of Internet products and IT imitation, before the product out of half a year, the media now warm-up, the best is to come up with some of the best functional modules, such as the apple mobile phone NFC payment, screen, to give the market a big imagination.

then when approaching the market, held a global news conference, Apple released the latest mobile phone functions and features, and then the fermentation media and social round, with fans and social groups will buy and witness a new generation of products trend to high tide. In the way of purchase, as far as possible to slow down the speed of the supply of the product, or with a predetermined and snapped up the way to further establish the product in short supply market strategy.

talk so much, and "how to link the national husband? Look at the tendency of Wang Sicong released micro-blog comments, basically is to criticism, neutral praise and positive reviews rarely, perhaps for the wealth of the two generation and network V, in a speech on the comprehensive consideration, do not think so more direct and direct perhaps is more, it is also because of this, Wang Sicong micro-blog has 6 million 200 thousand fans, just send a micro-blog will be able to attract thousands of comments and forwarding and praise.


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