Ali mother registration

      a lot of people do not know how to make use of Ali mother to make money, today sent out a detailed tutorial

Ali mother has been available for nearly a month, and there are a lot of friends for the registration of Ali mother and advertising process is not very clear. Especially as the seller, for advertising operation such as don’t know much about the issuance of special registration tips, to help you better understand the operation process of the mom.

A, registered as a member of the

note: the three steps above is mainly aimed at selling home in the sale of advertising mom.

said, began to register!

part of the first registered as Ali mother membersBecause Ali mother is a

ad trading platform, so for membership, can also carry out advertising transactions in Ali’s mother, that is to say there are two kinds of roles in Ali’s mother: buyers and sellers. The buyer is mainly for advertisers, the platform can be purchased through the site advertising, is to spend money. The seller is targeted at the webmaster, webmaster open advertising on your website to launch Ali mother code, it can be traded on the platform Ali mother, once sold will be able to get advertising revenue, which is simply money or make money.
first, enter the registration page. There are two kinds of
into the registration page: click here to get into; or enter the in the address bar, find a free registration button (see below).

submitted after the success of this page will see the following.

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