Personal registration red speculators launched the liquidation price selling minon CN domain name

December 16th news, single sell 10 yuan a pack of up to 5 yuan, a pack of up to $6, a $10…… Packing 500, up to 0.8 yuan a." A veteran minon him yesterday nearly 2000 CN domain name collective clearing, "all is one meter, one yuan can renew! There are many renewals for many years, some even for disk access, ah, I do not play." American farmers say yuan.


domain name on the Internet, often dubbed the "corn" domain name investors will become "rice farming". Through professional statistics, China currently has at least 300 thousand investors, not including many whim around minon occasionally.

a stone stirred Melaleuca

rice farmers have thrown


yesterday morning at 9, individual users will not be eligible for the domain name registration information fell into "migang", "rice farming" panic, throwing a moment in the tide meter, also attracted a lot of enterprises to rice.

"5 yuan", "super special offer", "liquidation price to sell, bargain", "the high price of Larry year-end clearance, no play several meters, cheap CN"…… In the circle of the largest domain name Trading Forum domain name city is everywhere such posts.

CNNIC recently issued "on the further strengthening of information audit work notice" domain name registration, domain name registration services users to submit online applications for domain name registration and shall submit a written application materials. The application materials shall include the original application form for the registration of the domain name with the official seal, the copy of the business license of the enterprise or the copy of the organization code certificate, and the copy of the identity certificate of the contact person. The above three documents are indispensable, which means that if the individual user can not provide business license or organization code certificate, you can not register CN domain name.

"This is

of rice farming has great influence." The beginning of 2007, Mr. Lin said the investment in the domain, the domain name in the market, the flow is largely the domain name and domain name to promote rice farming, and various other products, it can reflect the value in the flow. Because of the low barriers to entry, like stocks everyone can participate, there are many idle funds in the hands of the people have entered into this field. Before the financial crisis, I was the shortest time to turn a domain name 8 times a month, earn the most is a domain name earn $about 200000." Mr. Lin said that he was just a general rice farmers, some professional investors not to say, this year, PPSTREAM and PPLIVE together to grab a PPTV domain name, bid price to 1 million 800 thousand last year, and investors to the auction price is $2800, equivalent to RMB 3 to 10000.

CN registered on the red light

"rice" flow is not smooth, have Diaojia

" walk street; net…… Super specials." A few growers raised looks good domain name, but few people.

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