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days ago, Jiangmin forum community service platform Jiangmin’s ( system upgrade. After the upgrade of the official opening of a new forum Jiangmin Discuz! 7 forum system as a network service platform’s security products.

Jiangminxinke Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiangmin science and technology was founded in 1996) is the largest information security technology developers and service providers, the first Asian member enterprise anti virus association. R & D and operation of the scope of a single computer, network anti-virus software; stand-alone, network hacker firewall; mail server anti-virus software and a series of information security products. Jiangmin forum as Jiangmin’s community service platform, is one of the major domestic anti-virus community.

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Official Forum Forum Jiangmin, after the upgrade of the system regardless of language or database changes. Before the forum system upgrade, Jiangmin ASP+MSSQL is used in this system under the Forum Forum program, has not been able to meet the needs of users. After the upgrade of the domestic mainstream Jiangmin forum using PHP+MySQL Discuz 7 to build the system.


upgrade before

due to the previous version of the forum is too old, there are too many outdated applications and problems. Jiangmin forum management team for the replacement of the initial system problems, make parallel operation of two sets of new and old forum system during the upgrade process, and set up a feedback area. There are problems in the feedback area users can ask for help, can not log on or other inconvenient posting problem. In the process of data loss occurred in the process, the official way to help the user through manual processing to retrieve data. For details of problems in the transformation of the forum, after running for some time, has been successfully solved, the forum has officially opened Jiangmin Discuz 7 forum system service. From the overall situation of Discuz conversion Jiangmin forum! 7, the forum upgrade after the community platform is more stable, while the introduction of the more popular community elements. Discuz! 7 win the recognition and trust of more users with a new user experience.



It is reported that

, as a safe choice for the PHP forum, Comsenz (Comsenz) launched Discuz! 7 community forum system with excellent quality of its safety and efficient, has won numerous domestic enterprises trust in the security field. Previously, Kabasiji and Kingsoft have adopted Discuz 7 as the official service platform.

Discuz, the world’s largest forum community system, has more than 800 thousand users worldwide

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