One week news review electricity supplier hot death easy to believe the line can shake WeChat

1 vertical electric heat off death domain is not down to earth was

electricity supplier industry development as the tide receded when you mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, to know who is swimming naked. Not long ago, the weekly Times reporter learned that, trying to build a hot fashion products to carry out a large integrated online shopping platform for the electricity supplier website – Hot passenger network into a funding strand breaks crisis.

adhere to the two years, after burning about 60000000 yuan, the hot passenger network is no accident on the electricity supplier death list.

burn samples

Shanghai ushered in the 140 years of the most hot in the summer, but the green tone of the heat off network did not because of the fresh and natural color and feel the slightest chill. On the other hand, off heat is in physical conflict and confusion for wages.

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2 easy letter on-line, WeChat pressure Alexander


yesterday in the circle of friends to see a lot of easy letter, if you can not play back to also put their own name spelling ID (easecredit ID:muchangqing) registered, so I went to the AppStore search easecredit, actually found results from several different easecredit. Simple scanning with the naked eye under the analysis, determined to download the second in the easy letter.

first registration must use the phone number, I feel quite good, to ensure that the zombie users will be less false. After the phone registration, immediately put your cell phone address book has been registered easy to recommend friends to you. So that you have a quick letter in the first batch of friends, these user experience can be said to have done very well.

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3 WeChat

change triggered public literature

file write "Tomb notes" the Nanpai Sanshu, you must have heard, he opened a public account of their WeChat in May of this year (micro signal: paibook), August formally launched a membership program start > commercial operation

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