Beware of strangers send information to steal Taobao account and password

today can be received by a stranger regardless of Taobao want a message, a glance is wrong, vulnerability is too large, the domain name is not on the number, in peacetime may be a little mouse close, it is the past, will not have this post.

today, I do not know what causes more in mind, want to see this to the man-made mistake to give others what? Enter the URL, a look startled, a cold sweat flow back, too dangerous, this is not so careless people inadvertently leaked their account number and password.


really sit still, please see the information sent by strangers:

you can’t take this baby!


I want to buy this baby up. That is not the focus of


help you look to catch up to buy

enter the URL to see what is it?

looks like a Taobao interface ", will not accidentally enter the member name and password? Please see the domain name is Taobao, you enter the member name and password into the non Taobao database, regardless of the consequences will be grievous, can not write the only hope to have more people to see. More people will be able to polish his eyes.


can be reproduced please specify the source of the Gu

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