Tencent market capitalization approaching HK 2 trillion the first super China Mobile Asia’s first

news September 5th, midday rose Tencent holding HK $7.2 to HK $209, rose to 3.57%, the total market value reached HK $1 trillion and 978 billion, approaching the 2 trillion mark, a record high.

according to the current real-time price, China Mobile’s total market capitalization of HK $1 trillion and 975 billion, which is the first time the market value of Tencent over China Mobile to become Asia’s first shares. Prior to this, in August 19th, Tencent market value of more than Alibaba, China’s market value of the first technology company.


Morgan chase, issued a research report that the Tencent holding the "cash cow" mobile phone game business showed a stronger than expected momentum, with video and digital reading content increased, also strengthened its position in the field of entertainment. MOZAT to "overweight" rating for the Tencent, June 2017 target price of HK $260, equivalent to 34 times 2017 forecast earnings.

friction term, Tencent price is equivalent to 26 times 2017 forecast earnings, in advertising revenue driven by material earnings rise again in the next 12 months, long-term stock price rose to 300 yuan trust.

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