The website Chinese overturning cover

home entertainment website, music websites and singing all the way. The late show cover site had flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. The 2 round of well-known financing, in addition to also get financing of the investment accounted for 10% of the shares of 5 million. There are 4 other cover websites get huge financing. This is the music market in 05-06 network, causing no small shock, while the music downloads at the time of the class website, no access to financing.

two years later, all cover class website, and did not get any progress, whether from traffic or from the style, there is no significant breakthrough, investors can not bear the weight of expectation. Look for new business opportunities. Several cover class website, frequent pattern.  5 million investment accounted for 10% of the shares, the value of 50 million, has been reduced to a web site navigation channel. also modified for music network.

there are many also being revised or revision, cover in one of the defeated reasons for domestic: cover type lost podcast.

two is not popular with pop music, the impact of the star music network without copyright.

three, there is no obvious profit point.


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