Announced the suspension of the update and maintenance of Baidu cloud OS is simply no money to burn

event with a micro-blog news spread: farewell words hard to say, because of the company’s business adjustment, we had to decide to suspend the pain of Baidu cloud OS update and maintenance. The lost lost, meet people who will meet again, maybe forever, maybe Bai Xiaoyun will come back." This is Baidu cloud OS official micro-blog yesterday (March 11th) morning news release.

soon, the event was quickly spread open, this is also a different opinion, sometimes really do not know whether their eyes to see whether it is true. In this regard, a financial network was further reported that in the interview, in charge of Baidu cloud OS business one hundred percent Shenzhen City Digital Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "one hundred percent") chairman Xu Guoxiang said, About Baidu cloud OS adjustment, because the one hundred percent are undergoing a new round of financing, is now in the critical period, so I hope control of the cloud OS business investment rhythm. Xu Guoxiang lamented "the family is 1 billion dollars as a unit, we are hundreds of millions of yuan for the unit, so we are careful to spend."

the official answer is due to a shortage of funds to suspend update and maintenance, can really convince the netizens? They really believe the answer but not to guess the other reason? It is not, the official answer may be stated the fact perhaps highfalutin opinions, as to what kind of, we have only a guess, although Xu Guoxiang said: "I do not want the media to enlarge what does not exist", but this small is not enlarged what does not exist, of course, the wind is not lift what the waves, just talk about some of their own views.

is for users who fully admit the official answer, see the spread of the Internet mobile phone screenshot will understand why Xiaobian believe the official answer is perhaps the words highfalutin:

network spread figure

can be described as not necessarily true. We believe that time will prove everything to help us.

of Baidu cloud OS introduction: Baidu cloud OS, Baidu cloud OS was born in June 2012, is the third party intelligent mobile phone system based on Android4.0 and above for development (ROM), from the previous Baidu · platform evolved easily. At the beginning of November 2013, Baidu announced a strategic investment in Shenzhen City, one hundred percent Digital Technology Co. Ltd., Baidu cloud OS assets plus cash investment, becoming its largest strategic investor.

Baidu cloud OS, born in June 4, 2012, "death" in March 11, 2015". Spent 1010 memorable days, to have the about 10000000 users, so say goodbye, and may never see.

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