Administration of industry and Commerce released online advertising supervision approach draft for p

in new network on 2 July, according to the State Administration for Industry and commerce website news, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce yesterday issued a "Internet advertising supervision and management Interim Measures (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") for public comment notice. Announcements, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce drafted the Interim Measures for the supervision and management of Internet advertising (Draft), is now open to the public for comments, deadline is July 31st.

put forward the "measures", advertising in e-mail, instant messaging tools such as Internet private space, should be in the advertising page or carrier for users to set significant consent, refuse or unsubscribe function selection. Not in the user or refused to unsubscribe again after sending email and advertising.

"means" clear Internet advertising, Internet advertising operators, publishers and advertising concepts and responsibilities of Internet advertising may appear in the unfair competition and damage the interests of consumers and other circumstances made specific provisions, and a clear prohibition of cloth items.

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