ADMN5 forum new business Avatar signature Trading

how to effectively use the BBS signature and Avatar:

alliance, IDC, Adsense service class:


alliance and IDC etc. this service in the webmaster group company can buy all kinds of signature and the portrait of webmaster related forums, to the introduction and marketing of their products, small signature, you can achieve unexpected publicity.

SEO related:

to do SEO webmaster, the chain, Baidu spider crawling is very critical, so how to use the BBS signature to achieve this effect?

like A5, behind such forum, itself weight is high, when you buy a number of signatures, Baidu A5 or outdated forum crawling, touch your signature connection, your site will crawl, such as high weight forum, can improve the site itself the weight, when accumulated to a certain number, the effect is very significant.

so, in order to better service and the webmaster friends, but also for those who love the webmaster BBS to provide a new idea to earn 1000, ADMIN5 launched a new business forum, head of trading: signature.

need to sell their own forum avatar or signature member only in accordance with the format:

at the same time, the forum also launched a purchasing service, you need to buy a picture or signature friends contact QQ:309022999

purchasing process details:

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