Jingdong strict grasp of third party merchants less than 50 thousand monthly sales will be closed sh


] July 24th news billion state power network, the day before, there are a number of Jingdong complementary categories of businesses to reflect the state power grid, the Jingdong news release, will close the food supplement category in the monthly sales of less than 50 thousand stores in the next month.

Jingdong is responsible for communication in the category of complementary information QQ group and businesses have been exposed. According to the screenshot shows that the seller in the Jingdong shop for more than 3 months of operation, if the next month sales of no more than $50 thousand, Jingdong will consider closing shop recommendations.

it is reported that the food supplement is a mother of two categories the following categories, mainly covers DHA of calcium iron zinc and vitamin probiotics, colostrum clear fire, powder, fruit puree, Rice noodles or porridge noodles, snacks and other baby infant food. At present, the two categories of brand concentration is relatively low, only one or two big brands such as Heinz in the market, the rest are small brands. However, with the popularity of changes in parenting and complementary concepts, the market is constantly expanding, many other businesses have also involved in the field of.

has a complementary business merchant shop just over 3 months, but just last month sales exceeded 15 thousand yuan. "We have a very good product, but also participated in the 618 big promotion, some time ago also entered the Jingdong warehouse. According to the present situation, next month sales reached 50 thousand yuan is difficult, if we are not close to the store before the investment value."

the performance was quite another seller is "optimistic" that the monthly sales of 50 thousand is not too high to be reached the target, in order to fight to stay in the platform, take some unconventional means, such as a single brush.

but at the same time there are businesses to understand the initiatives of Jingdong, the elimination of a number of small businesses, the flow of Jingdong can be more focused on the quality of the brand, you can better support big brands. If the Commission in accordance with the calculation of the transaction, this part of the sales of large brands can also bring more revenue to Jingdong, thereby improving the overall efficiency.

in fact, noted billion state power network over a period of time to observe, Jingdong POP platform maternal categories, including feeding, washing and other sub categories are more or less signs of tightening. In the adjustment, these categories will gradually become self-employed from the open mode. In this regard, the Jingdong has stated, there is no so-called maternal and child care and feeding businesses shut down all the problems, only the selection of quality brands settled. It can be seen from the operating system, the Jingdong has started combing section focuses on specific categories.

merchant noted above, Jingdong once the maternal category self recovery, brands will change their identity and become the Jingdong owned supplier system. As a result, Jingdong is more independent control of supply prices, commodity quality and other factors, but also conducive to enhance the platform revenue and reputation.

in addition, there is speculation that businesses Jingdong Group intends to smaller businesses gradually transferred to the third party adoptive new pat network. According billion state power network understanding, pat net investment activities is like a raging fire, in order to win over the small.

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