How to promote the Forum

now there are a lot of people will choose to post in the forum to promote. For example, there are a lot of pig post on the task of posting the game, basically to promote the site’s post, a little content plus a website link. Then began to release the task to find someone to send a post, not only the number of quality requirements, can stay is good, so that those who participate in the election of a number of small forum, the general forum is not allowed outside the chain. Can bring in the estimate is nobody tube, a month also does not have a post appears rotten forum.

sometimes think about some webmaster choose this way in the end can get much benefit? I think it is a waste of time and a waste of money. There are better, write a small soft, good hair also remember to look at the top, to realize the interactive promotion. In fact, this is just a small Forum promotion tips.

In fact,

Forum promotion is not very difficult, many people everywhere to send advertising post on the forum, some people will send a mass mailing software, this is actually a mistake, say you have 3000 posts, suddenly feel a sense of accomplishment, but 3000 were deleted and overnight. 10 posts this meaningful? Do you have post in order to make the forum management to delete? Our purpose is to promote our own things and not to send out the number of posts, Forum promotion to the quality not quantity, if you just send a post, but this post has been reserved for a long time and popularity is also high, so congratulations to you, your promotion in the forum is very successful, because you are a good post to your purpose.

there is after you have to remember to interact, it is polite to circle the Sohu is affixed to the top, the interaction is virtue, you made a post that will not be deleted is good, but you don’t do it, after the first three days estimated to see heavy shadow, not to be delete is not enough, to allow the people to pay attention to it, to see it it. We are not to follow the trend of promotion of forum, forum Promotion Forum promotion than people I, I want to see the results.

to promote the marketing and marketing links together, a good promotion to be reproduced by the results of a large number, like a virus everywhere. To identify the location, for example, you want to do website promotion to your pet car forum feeble Wen is wrong, you write the soft, again good also will be deleted. Do not ask why, look at the address again. This is like the exact marketing on the mall, the positioning is often found to play a multiplier effect. There is a word of mouth marketing, a good promotion to do so that people can have the effect of online word-of-mouth. The author’s understanding is limited, only to sum up this point, we hope to help you.

The above view is

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