MT Google commitment to abide by Chinese law to accept supervision and inspection

In July 20,

(Shiyan) Chinese officials of the Ministry of industry and information technology 20, said here, Google in the Chinese registered joint venture by rectification after inspection, Google promised to comply with the Chinese law and accept the supervision and inspection departments.

in the Information Office of the State Council conference, the Ministry of communication development division director Zhang Feng said, Google (China) in China registered joint venture company, Beijing Guxiang Information Technology Co. Ltd., has been on 29 June, the Ministry has submitted annual inspection of the rectification measures.

in the rectification measures, Google will continue to abide by the law China, content of information service and commitment to provide access to ensure that there are no "content prohibited by article fifty-seventh of People’s Republic of China Telecom regulations", there is no harming national security and national interests, inciting ethnic hatred, propaganda of feudal superstition and undermine social stability, spreading obscenity pornographic and violent terrorist defamatory content, and accept the supervision and inspection departments.

by the relevant department, Gu Xiang company annual inspection and in line with the provisions of the rectification matters before the date through inspection.

for Google search engine problems in Hongkong, Zhang Feng said, this is the freedom of business operators". (end)

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