Do you know the new features of the WeChat update

December 12th, WeChat iOS updated version of 6.5.1, you can share in the circle of friends in the album video

video length also increased from 6S to 10s


since yesterday pushed out new features, new features are various experimental video scraper. This scene also appears in deja vu when the video has just launched, but at the same time, the current update is iOS users, Android’s friends also need to wait.

The key reason for this new

won acclaim, autumn rock conjecture, should be "moving picture"! At least to see those rickety vague "live" a lot of low frequency, it can make people the big dipper. In addition, what are the little details, we look at.


released the video, it is still click on the top right corner of the circle of friends". However, after the update, there will be "shooting" and "choose from the phone album" two, "shooting" contains photos and videos of the two options.

and no longer have to worry about video recording, you want to take pictures to switch out of this thing. You can now touch "pictures, press" video

is very convenient!


video length

before the circle of friends video length is 6S, if it is a live concert, basically is a lyric song for the slow time shorter, and noisy, so most of the time do not know what circle of friends made a video in the end. Now increased to 10s, and not limited to frame, namely horizontal version of vertical version can be. It’s better than before, but the more important thing is to be able to edit. Video that is longer than 10s can also be compressed to a specified time by editing or otherwise.

mute play

believe that everyone has experienced, in a particularly quiet environment, accidentally opened a loud voice of the video, was the audience’s embarrassing situation. But now the press will remind mute play, this is really great.


In addition to the functionality of the

update to bring you a better user experience, but also think that it also increases the possibility of more business.

first, UCG content increases, the greater the chance of development of short video.

secondly, for businesses, 10s a TVC is also possible. Now most of the publicity is still based on posters, graphic based, after the small video may become a new way of new media. So the new media Xiaobian or fast get video clips of new skills bar

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