Hackers contest champion KEEN do technical loopholes business

access to bank plan drawings and security system, to the main control room of the person in charge of the retinal image and door code, to avoid the safety of laser protection network through accurate calculation, open the safe password lock in the shortest time, then invade the traffic department of computer, control the whole street lights, finally managed to succeed escape…… This is often a lot of Hollywood movie thief in the plot. If you think this is the movie exaggerations of words, it may let you be startled at the fact, because in reality there is such a high-end hacker groups appeared.

sat opposite the "First Financial Daily" reporter (Shanghai) Acer earthquake cloud computing technology Co., Ltd. CEO Wang Qi said, in addition to not so fast, so cool in the movie, in reality most of these can be realized by means of technology.

although the reality is not so cool, but this team has a cool name KEEN, meaning sharp. This is a branch of information security research team, and they are engaged in research work is easy to let them with those specifically hacking system hackers linked to illegal profit. But Wang Qi told reporters, in fact, there are good people in the hacker community, this group of people have their own name, white hat hackers". "KEEN is a bunch of white hat hackers." No one can think in the "black" Wang Qi laughed more than them, "we actually do that kind of anti thief, Defense Advanced Attack (hackers)."

from obscurity to fame

use of loopholes in the system of remote control and other computer to control another computer through the Trojan program, which in the KEEN appears to have some tricks. If the structure of the hacker community practitioners in the classification of words is a Pyramid shaped structure, gathered a large number of low level under the hacker, is popular in terms of money people do bad things, and more to the top of the Pyramid, Dan hackers more.

KEEN do is different from those of low level hackers, they now work is to find loopholes timely to manufacturers, and assist them to repair vulnerabilities and security risks, at the same time to fix vulnerabilities before not open all the details, in order to prevent outsiders use.


KEEN and Wang Qi’s name for the general public speaking is very strange, but in the small white hat hacker circles, nicknamed "big bullfrog" Wang Qi is definitely a big name. In the international security competition, 15 seconds to find the MacOSX vulnerability, the second to find the Windows8.1 vulnerability, 30 seconds to find iOS vulnerabilities, these are Wang Qi and his team masterpiece.

this is not unrelated to Wang Qi’s experience. He was the first person in charge of Microsoft’s China Center for security response technology, the establishment of the first Microsoft security response center outside the United States headquarters, but also must be responsible for the development of search engine security.

has been steeped in the security field for many years of experience made him feel he can play for.

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