SkyDrive special rectification Sina micro plate 115 SkyDrive closed storage service

April 25th, Sina micro disk announced that it would stop providing storage services for free users, and to suspend the micro disk file search, sharing function. This is two months third to suspend part of function of SkyDrive.

reason for the adjustment of the business, Sina aspects of surging news, said the announcement shall prevail, did not disclose which remediation actions regulators.

surging news noted that another announcement of sina said to cooperate with relevant departments to actively carry out the national SkyDrive jurisprudence, involving pirated content of the inventory work, concentrate on cleaning up the bad information, Sina search, closed micro disk sharing function, until cleared.

March 17th, Alibaba’s UC SkyDrive announced that the April 15th termination of SkyDrive’s storage service, stop SkyDrive UC upload service / offline resources to SkyDrive / video transcoding service function. At the same time, the UC server will suspend SkyDrive offline download "to download" function. UC SkyDrive said the closure is to coordinate the national dissemination of pornographic information on the use of SkyDrive special rectification actions.

earlier in March 8th, SkyDrive products 115 SkyDrive said: in order to curb the criminals may use 115 illegal and criminal activities, after closing the "package file sharing function, Division I decided with immediate effect to" chat "function of the rectification; rectification period, I will chat offline" file "module.

user said, such a change, SkyDrive is equal to 115 as a stand-alone network disk, even friends can send files to each other.


users can online cloud storage space. SkyDrive can store all kinds of files, not only learning materials, but also hidden pornographic information and piracy drama fiction content.

wave of SkyDrive campaign is in the middle of 2015. At that time, the national anti pornography office throughout the organization interviewed 360 cloud disk, LETV cloud, SkyDrive, HUAWEI, cool disk 115 SkyDrive, UC SkyDrive, fast thunder disc and a large number of SkyDrive company, and if the circumstances are serious fast thunder plate SkyDrive enterprises to carry out administrative punishment.


micro disk said at the time, a total of more than 2.1 of the audit to remove infringing content, and since May 2015 has closed the mobile terminal and the web server online video playback, stop the web side is greater than the preservation and download the 100M file, the infringing content decreased significantly.

According to the ratio of

consulting report, as of December 2015, Sina micro disc 2 million 400 thousand monthly active users, 115 SkyDrive 2 million 50 thousand monthly active users.

Baidu cloud, HUAWEI cloud disk, 360 cloud disk is the largest user of China Mobile SkyDrive provider. At present, the surging news has not been informed of the three SkyDrive product adjustment.

surging news noted that in October 2015, the State Copyright Bureau issued the "notice" on the standard of SkyDrive services copyright order, to further clarify.

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