What are the key points of the new version of the online publishing service management

this paper do some research and analysis, mainly three questions: 1, what the provisions of the tube; 2, how to regulate the tube; the 3, what is the digital works.


Author: Wei Wu swing Wei Yongzheng

March 10th, the new version of the network publishing service management regulations will be put into effect, the 02 edition of the Internet publishing management regulations immediately repealed. The press and Publication Administration (by 2013 according to the National People’s Congress decided by the General Administration of press and publication and SARFT merger, this is sometimes referred to as the "administration", but not just before the radio film and television SARFT), the Ministry of industry jointly formulated the regulations, at home and abroad caused a lot of buzz.

the author of this paper notes that there are two directions to be the focus. One is about the (a) funded enterprises can not engage in the provisions of the definition of the network publishing service, which gives some foreign funded enterprises (together) brought some confusion; second, this year, from the media concept popular, many individuals or organizations with WeChat micro public account business, some commentators think this. The provisions on the formation of a "self media", the so-called "media since the earthquake, because the publishing license is not easy.

really is this? This paper does some research and Analysis on this provision, mainly three questions: 1, what the provisions of the tube; 2, how to regulate the tube; the 3, what is the digital works.

mainland China’s laws and regulations are divided into three ranks. The highest level of the "law" (such as the criminal law by the National People’s Congress or the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress) issued by the middle rank; "administrative regulations" issued by the State Council decree by the State Council; the lowest order of the "Regulations" shall be formulated by the ministries. The regulations issued by the General Administration and the Ministry of industry, is the lowest level of departmental rules, in theory, and the law should not conflict.

the first point of this provision is that it’s second, popular point of view, this article provides that the rules can be what:

Article second the provisions of article

of the People’s Republic of China on the Internet publishing services shall apply.

the term "network publishing services" as mentioned in these Provisions refers to the provision of network publications to the public through the information network.

the term "network publications" as mentioned in these Provisions refers to the digital works which are provided to the public through the information network, and have the characteristics of editing, production, processing and so on. The scope includes:

(a) literature, art, science and other fields of knowledge, thinking of the text, pictures, maps, games, animation, audio and video books and other original digital works;

(two) and the publication of books, newspapers, periodicals, audio and video products, electronic publications, such as the content of the digital works;

(three) the work of the above works through the selection, arrangement, collection and other forms of network literature database and other digital works >

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