From the end of Ali and ACC the crisis in the interests of international anti fake alliance to deci

Tencent science Ji Zhenyu May 20th Silicon Valley report

in the first two days before the scheduled time, the board of directors of the Alibaba chairman Ma Yun (micro-blog) finally canceled yesterday in the United States held in the United States, the international anti fake Association (IACC) spring conference keynote speech.

the news that some suddenly, "the Alibaba group Ma confirmed in 2016 spring conference speech", in the latest situation after a few hours, still on the home page of the official website of IACC most prominently hung. Then, IACC will replace the web page text "Alibaba chairman Michael Evans will talk" in the spring of 2016 annual meeting, the staff rushed to modify, the statement even appeared obvious errors.

this is a progress so far is full of dramatic events, if not for the Alibaba, the international anti fake coalition had so unknown to the public most people in the middle, so that it English name abbreviation "IACC" in Wikipedia are not check.

more than a month ago, a Washington based nonprofit organization IACC announced that the Alibaba will join the union, became the first of the newly established "ordinary members" under the category of membership, which prompted many of the original members of the organization in the United States, discontent, including Gucci Kors and Michael Tiffany and other famous brands announced its withdrawal the organization.

followed by an anonymous letter broke the secret relationship between IACC management and Alibaba. Allegedly, the chairman of the organization Robert C. Barchiesi Alibaba in 2014 listing has been holding its shares; in addition, in January this year has just joined the Alibaba as vice president, global group is responsible for the management of intellectual property of Matthew Bassiur and Robert C. Barchiesi, the "friendship" is not shallow, helped his son into the Apple Corp. And their respective companies founded or managed with IACC also has a lot of interests.

Robert C. Barchiesi is the soul of IACC. Since 2008 as chairman of the organization, Robert C. Barchiesi led the nearly 30 year history of the organization, the number of its members in more than 40 countries around the world to expand to more than 250.

under his leadership, IAAC carried out a major reform and development conform to the change of the network times, including cooperation issuers, financial institutions and credit cards, and other e-commerce companies and Alibaba cooperation, jointly cope with the challenges in the network era of fakes.

his work gained great recognition and support of the board of directors, even after the anonymous letter exposure, the organization in a public statement to the letter that is part of the organization’s management loopholes and.

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