Wei Feng Network Forum why hang up SARFT banned the cause of the disaster officially opened a new do

today on the "hang Wei Feng Network Forum" message of concern, Wei Feng forum officially announced responded, domain name "clientHold" is due to the SARFT issued a ban on weiphone.com, domain name is being processed, and officially announced the opening of frozen long feng.com.


is confirmed, the State Press and Publication Administration of network video program management department issued a document to stop the domain name weiphone.com, the reason is to provide Wei Feng network users to share video download. Wei Feng Network and said it will permanently close friends to share video sharing forum.

in addition, Wei Feng network also said publicly "Wei Feng Network’s purpose is to service a new domain name feng.com powder, natural need tall", officially announced the opening of the new domain name feng.com.

according to the inquiry, the domain name feng.com registered in 1996, has been 18 years of history. The domain name is Wei Feng network from overseas in 2012 November repurchase, the transaction price of $250 thousand, according to the current exchange rate of about 1 million 550 thousand yuan rmb. Absolutely not frozen for more than a year feng.com actually use this form to meet with you.

addition, Wei Feng network also said the weiphone.com domain name is being processed, the related corrective action we have done, I believe it will soon be released.

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Wei Feng Network Forum domain hold truth exposure: feng.com has long been frozen

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