A5 daily selection Entrepreneurial difficult way to persevere you are the winner

A5 (www.admin5.com) stationmaster net daily: everyone said the webmaster is a struggle, entrepreneurship is a difficult road, others did not insist on is doomed to fail, you persevered might win a success, you are the winner. For business, we want to learn from others and learn useful knowledge wise remark of an experienced person. Below I sorted out ten, I hope there is a way to help you achieve your dream!

1 talent is a continuous accumulation of

as long as you do a good job in some areas, it may be said that you have talent in this regard. When you hear such words, do not take it seriously, because it is likely that they are in the escape, not willing to face up to the reality of their own efforts. Do a good job of products, in fact, do a good job with other things is a truth, if there is a talent, it is only in the long process of continuous pain, and constantly try to fail, and constantly learn to develop.

for example, the famous Jobs, his partner Jobs Wozniak said never give Apple Computer written code, he was expelled from the Apple Corp after a computer firm called NeXT, not what color. In 1997 he returned to the Apple Corp, until 2000, four years in the computer color also changed, but almost no effect on what the Wintel camp.

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2 management reflection: wild road management  

from the beginning of 2008, every six months or a year, have a chance to talk with Cheng Binghao a few hours, but is not the same interview with other places, which is more like aimless chat, such as weight loss, child education, the importance of teeth etc..

this is a life of the CEO, very serious, confident and with some technical personnel of paranoia, the pursuit of a good lifestyle, such as every point around 10 seems to be able to sleep, and the tide of the Internet in the sleepless entrepreneurial atmosphere misfits.

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3 take lessons from others  

Since the original

in Yahoo China colleagues told me in August 30th is the last day of his work, in August 31st Yahoo China official line, even if foreseen things happen or not repressed his lament. Scheduled to visit China in September 1st, YAHOO, you see is a statement, and then the site will turn to Alibaba charity page. From 2000, is Yahoo China users in 2010, Yahoo China and short working experience, until the purple dream broken thoroughly in China. In contrast, the change Yahoo China, lamented over unavoidable and some enlightenment and lessons, at least can be regarded as the project >

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