Xie Wen to find a new way of seven mountains multiply and streams double back to the era of big data

now the network information such as data, such as. How to conveniently find the information they need, such as how to use the data like mountains and create a competitive business model, how to control the data of social management and services, today is the individual users, with the network industry led by business circles and social management departments are facing great opportunities and challenges.

on how to get big data problems, the network industry is gradually formed three kinds of strategies: front, middle or back. Apple Corp is the implementation of a typical front strategy, through the design, manufacturing and sales of various types of data terminal to obtain data from the source, through the operating system of their own development and open platform to standardize data standards, through their own cloud computing system to collect and store data. FACEBOOK is a typical Taiwan based strategy, namely to obtain standard and structured by the construction and operation of the WEB2.0 platform data, and through a standard interface and the third party application sharing large data stream open form. Amazon is a typical implementation of the background based strategy, through the establishment of a strong business background to obtain a wealth of user data, and through the opening of the third party electricity supplier e-commerce industry to get big data.

to the main does not mean exclusion of others, in fact, there is a real strength of the ideal network company is a full attack, the implementation of the system of big data strategy. Google used to be a simple search site, so far by the search is still creating a brilliant performance. But in the face of the challenges of the WEB2.0 revolution and looming advent of the era of big data, Google after several years of hesitation decided to embark on a new path of transformation. Google GOOGLE+ will evolve into a platform through the website, snatch Taiwan positions; through Android mobile operating system and launch a tablet computer, the SKY DRIVE through market hegemony; involved in cloud computing, test background. This seemingly complex attack all play if to understand from the perspective of big data, the hidden logic and ambition completely bared there and then.

on how to manage the problem of big data, no matter who does it is difficult to avoid the three challenges: personal privacy, corporate interests and social security. People in the big data in the battle, the enterprise and the government are the three main characters, played inextricably involved. Ideally, the acquisition and use of large data constraints as little as possible; in reality, the ownership and use of data has become a huge obstacle, big data difficult to expand. After years of exploration and practice, gradually formed some common rules, in some countries have risen to the legal level. For example, personal privacy without my consent shall not be open, non-public access and use also have to protect personal information (name changed to ID, address for postal code, shielding credit card number, etc.). With the development of network services, data sharing and exchange among enterprises began to become fashionable. As for those who rely on people’s taxes to feed, the only purpose is to serve the people of the social management department, more and more national legislation must provide the public with the original, complete, real-time data. Three challenges remain

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