Daily topic pea pods B round of financing focused mobile search to seize the mobile nternet portal

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network March 25th news yesterday, news reports said the peas obtained B round of financing, is the additional investment of Goldman sachs. However, the specific amount has not yet been announced. Earlier this year the pea pods obtained by the lead investor Softbank’s $120 million investment, the pea pods A DCM round of investment institutions and innovation works development fund (IWDF) and other investment institutions to participate in. Why pea pods always get financing?

pea pods currently has more than 300 million users, the amount of users to maintain long-term growth, and continue to gain access to competitors. Pea pods currently more than 50% new users of Chinese mobile phone sunrise volume of Android. September 2013, the first release of pea pods video search products, officially upgraded to the phone’s integrated entertainment content portal. So far, the total number of users of video search has exceeded 10 million, featured features chase chase total subscribers up to 1 million 700 thousand, the total number of video subscriptions reached 3 million, the average monthly growth rate of over 40%. Pea pods from the earliest mobile assistant, to the application of search, and then to the video search, has gradually become a comprehensive mobile entertainment content portal.

"what is the search for male and female friends is also a search process. We don’t see it as a very narrow technical input on a keyword, the concept of back 10 blue links, we do the tool is to help users find to play, want, want to see something in the mobile phone." In Wang Junyu’s opinion, all Internet users, besides music and other content can be summarized as the demand cycle between the loose relationship "six degree theory": – > – > search; transmission (download) – > – > consumption; > management; share. Pea pods at the beginning of the cutting point is the transmission, the product carrier is the PC side of the mobile assistant.

in the last year when Baidu’s price to $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 became the largest acquisition in the field of the Internet, as the 91 pea pods with the same echelon often asked is the choice of independent development or be acquired? Whether can persist if independent development between Tencent, 360, Baidu co-founder Wang Junyu peas? In an interview said that "the US itself is not to say that we must sell or not to sell, not to sell the company business, not to sell the company, just to have a thing made." He mused, "which company’s technology can help us to do this if there is no?. We are now relying on the flow of the user’s reputation up, we build their own ecosystem. Giant’s product line is too long, we concentrate on mobile search, independence will be better. An independent, vigorous, and giant company, two story which sounds more drama "


is now too early for a final judgement of pea pods mobile applications, with video as the representative of the search opened a great imagination.

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