Pinyin domain names have fled domain value greatly reduced

It is reported that in June 3rd

news, recently again Pinyin domain name in the overseas market sales debut, domain name for $3000 sales of about 20 thousand yuan, domain name for $5000 sales of about 30 thousand yuan.


, Jin Yi, Jinyi is synonymous with Pinyin domain name meaning multilayer, domain name as Jinyi Pinyin domain name, with characteristics of the apparel industry, operating in the domain name web site, users can at a glance that the nature of the industry, vivid, domain name application of higher value. The Jinyi is regarded as Jin Yi, its domain value is also very high, the current domestic enterprises and the company’s name is called Jin Yi, such as Shenzhen Jin Yi Electronics Co., Zhejiang Ninghai Jin Yi stationery factory, the domain name industry professionals said that the domain name in the overseas price is not satisfactory, the value of the domain name is not mine.


Sanwen is the three lines of prose, Chinese characters Pinyin, Sanwen as prose Pinyin, has strong literary nature, can set up a reading related to the domain name, also as three lines or three lines fish name, can also operate to build aquaculture related websites, domain name has good value, the sales to $3000 in offshore platform the prose domain name low price.


also recently sold in the overseas market price is low and there is a domain name "grace" Pinyin domain name, domain name for the $3000 transaction, the domain name in the overseas market transaction price for the industry Amy big sigh unfortunately, Sien will look into Sien, domain name value was high, Sean is a town in China is a good geographical name, domain name, or other domestic company name, such as Shanghai SNA electronic company, Guangzhou Sun Trading Company, is a rare good domain, some netizens said that the domain name prices so low, possibly overseas owners will only domain name as a common four letter domain name.

industry for some users in the domestic popular Pinyin domain name, now in the overseas market with low price trading said chilling two markets at home and abroad, due to geographical and cultural differences, phonetic domain in higher domestic value, if the domain name to the foreign market sale of cultural differences in the people, greatly discount the value of the domain name however, in foreign markets, words and phrases domain name value, trading in the domestic market is often high, if the English domain name to the domestic market sale, domain name transaction price is not satisfactory.

is now trading at $2000, compared with the former Dalang domain name, with a $2200 deal with

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