Mobile phone game platform d cn received 12 million investment

October 20th morning news, mobile phone game platform when the music network ( access to Qiming investment of $12 million, since this is when the music network officially announced the establishment of the first round of financing. The two sides began in the second half of last year, all funds have been in place in July this year. At the same time, when the music network has also launched a Android platform game strategy. founded in Beijing in February 2004. Data show that, when the music network currently has more than 150 employees, has accumulated 35 million mobile phone game users. In 2005, when the music network for the first time to make strategic adjustments, from a focus on Internet to mobile Internet; 2009, business again, re entering the Internet platform.

"we see the integration of Internet and mobile Internet, when the music network president Xiao Yongquan explained.

Xiao Yongquan said, when the music network has received a $12 million investment from Qiming. The two sides began in the second half of last year, and in July this year, all funds have been put in place. Xiao Yongquan said the reason is because of its choice of Qiming, always pay much more attention to the field of mobile Internet, including director Gan Qiming, equality of the industry is the sword of understanding.

This is also in angel investment, for the first time publicly announced the first round of financing.

It is reported that

, plan financing, continue to invest in the construction of Android platform. Xiao Yongquan is hoping to make the music network to maintain the leading position in this field, and to strengthen cooperation in various areas and industrial chain.

this year launched Android platform game strategy, Xiao Yongquan said the future is the integration of Internet and mobile Internet trend, in this case, when the music network will launch the Internet, wireless Internet and mobile phone client three-in-one platform based on a product at the same time to provide users with three versions.

is now far more than the harvest and harvest season, Xiao Yongquan is expected in the next 35 years, the whole industry chain model will be greatly changed, and will continue to maintain the momentum of development.

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