Don’t die CN domain name crazy Linkage world and pushed 17 2 yuan to low

according to linkage world ( was informed that in 2014 the CN domain name market has become increasingly active, whether it is a domain name registration or domain name transactions are a good picture.

According to the

China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) CN domain name data released (Figure) shows that during the period of January 2014 to June, although the CN domain name at the beginning of the year was in the doldrums, but began in March continued to rise, to May appear negative growth slightly, but again in June revival, breakthrough 10 million 650 thousand net growth. It is really "do not seek death will not die".

In addition to

, CN domain name transaction heat is no less than the domain name registration, the recent rumors that the domain name investor Zhang Yaoyi millions of in the bag. It is understood that Zhang Yao has been engaged in the domain name investment for many years, it is very optimistic about the CN domain name, in addition to the thunder before the smooth turnover of the profits of up to 2 million of the singular word domain name

CN domain name as the world’s only Chinese management by the international top-level domain name, from the above, it has developed into the world’s most influential common domain name. And in the long run, COM domain name domain name resources increasingly depleted, the transaction price is relatively high, we have gradually turned to the second –CN domain name domain name domain name resource is very rich, but with China’s PC is the largest in the world, in the name of demand is not expected in the future micro-blog, personal homepage, personal album, etc..

CN domain name is of high quality, the use of good value of the domain name is also very rich in resources, individuals, businesses can be registered, and the domain name registration threshold is very low. The domestic domain registrar joint top of the world in terms of it, according to the latest news, following the launch of 19.9 yuan lower than most peers, has now launched 17.2 yuan to the price for the individuals, enterprises, absolutely is a golden opportunity to have zero threshold CN domain.

believes that the linkage of the world will once again push the industry of CN cybersquatting boom


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