Robin Li said the game can be played online search game

Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li keynote speech (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news September 2nd news, Baidu World 2010 Conference opened today in Beijing, China hotel. Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li around the box computing and the latest progress of Baidu technology innovation delivered a speech, and the scene of the war to showcase the impact of Baidu open platform for small game market.

Robin Li said that the third party application through Baidu open authentication system, the formation of the service can enter the Baidu open platform to meet the needs of users.

he’s an open platform for the impact of the game market example, for example, the user entered the key word is called tank warfare, we will get a result page Baidu. "There are a lot of pages, of course, that’s what people tell me, because I don’t play games. The interface provides a tank game. Each game provider is not the same."

Robin Li said that in the Baidu interface can be found in the 6 tanks of the game, each with a detailed introduction. In addition to the tank battle, but also shows a variety of categories of Baidu applications, as well as the application of the list or to search for the appropriate application, then there are navigation columns.

"well, although the game has not been played before, and now in the thousands of people I would like to play a tank battle, is the most classic 90 tanks war."

Robin Li pointed out, a framework of Baidu’s open platform is to allow users to access the service, this architecture when the user in Baidu inside the frame of the corresponding input request, these applications directly in the page, the user does not need to carry out other operations can be used online, so Baidu can use it called instant use.

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