15 of the most valuable domain names in 2011 the most valuable digital domain

news December 19th, foreign media news, DN journal recently announced the 2011 Annual top price list last year, Sex.com Top10, domain name transfer price of $13 million, as the world’s most expensive domain name, in contrast, sales of the high priced domain name system Social.com this year in a $2 million 600 thousand deal.

This list

deadline is in December 12, 2011, the current list cited the trading price of the domain name system to determine the transaction price and transaction security announced, domain names are not included in this list, because the principle of trade name or company, buyers and sellers are not included in the.


figure: Top list

Social.com: the highest annual June 8th held in Barcelona Spain DOMAINfest activities, Social.com domain name starting price of $5 million, but it is a pity that there is no end until the auction bid is $5 million, finally, the domain name only for the $2 million 600 thousand deal, although the price of live up to the expectations, but still this year as the highest price of the domain name.


domain name DomainName.com in second: DomainName.com website sold a total of $1000000, or about 6 million 500 thousand yuan, the domain name registered in 1997, has been 14 years of registration time, domain name renewals to 2019, DomainName other mainstream suffix domain has been registered.

country domain name Aktien.de third: so far this year the price is the highest Aktien.de country domain name, the domain name to sell $725000, equivalent to approximately RMB 4 million 630 thousand, Aktien shares of Italy, the mainstream suffix domain has been registered.

two domain names tied for fourth letters: domain VU.com and domain RunningShoes.com are sports shoes for $700000 price of the transaction, VU.com domain name registration in 1995, has been 16 years of history and the domain name registration, RunningShoes.com sports shoes sales platform industry obviously.

Answer: Answer.com

domain Answer.com domain name ranked fifth $550000, about 3 million 480 thousand yuan, the domain name in February 1992, has been 19 years of history of the domain name registration, has the very high value of time, the mainstream Answer.cn/.com.cn/.net suffixes has already been registered.

digital domain name 11.com finalists sixth: 11.com domain name $525000 sale, 11.com domain name registration in 1996 >

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