Net profit of 650 thousand yuan for 4 years 3 digital domain 625 com price 750 thousand yuan

renamed Chinese ( December 12th – the same name, this value may be like last year, half a year ago, even with 1 days before the price is turn the world upside down changes, 3 digital domain name is Chi Zhengang in 4 years ago, the acquisition price of 100 thousand yuan of income, now sell the domain name, the transaction price reached 750 thousand yuan, net profit of 650 thousand yuan.

Chi Zhengang domain name investment experience


domain name seller Chi Zhengang, in 2010 to spend 3 million yuan to buy 30 3 digital.Com domain, has sold part of the domain name, he said "I spent these 4 years in the domain of time and energy is almost negligible, if those 3 figures do not sell, my 4 years at least 20 million net profit."

from the current domestic domain market, 3 digital.COM domain name in the 6 digit range, such as (680 thousand yuan), (665 thousand yuan), (605 thousand yuan), (585 thousand yuan), domain name, domain name auction activities in Chinese renamed in the third quarter of the auction price of more than 500 thousand yuan.

But in 2010

, the digital domain name market prospect is not clear, in the case of Chi Zhengang, the acquisition of a 3 digital.Com domain 4 years ago, the price of 100 thousand yuan, now with the expansion of the digital domain name market demand, the overall increase in the price of the obvious, the same type of domain name value multiplied, cannot be mention in the same breath. The domain name trading price of 750 thousand yuan, according to Chi Zhengang said, the other 3 digital.Com price of his hands held will be unified into 950 thousand yuan.


in 2010, has invested 3 million yuan Zhengang pool in the Ji’nan local portal, "and from dawn to dusk, slaving away, over the past 4 years, 3 million lose everything, even without water splashing!" for his deep emotion, "one of the most important thing is to take advantage of for 5-10 years to see! What will the mountain wind, to 5-10 years ahead of the layout of the future! See the trend to understand the flow, even if you are proud of luxury high-profile lazy, than to see the trend, even if you do not understand the flow, modest low-key 100 times more industrious thrifty."

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